Speaks To Me Sunday #10

17 May

Today I am graduating from The Upright Citizens Brigade Improv 101 class. A quote from one of my favorite improvisers seemed to be a perfect fit to mark the occasion. 

The first thing you learn in improv is to say “Yes, and…” You have to dive into what’s in front of you by saying “yes.” That might be the scariest part! But once you dare to choose yes, it’s so liberating. You’re in. Then you have to add an “and.” Add to the situation, bring what you’ve got to the table, build something new. You have to be creative and specific at the same time to really form a firm foundation. Then, like Tina says… You’ll figure it out after! 

This has been so helpful while I’ve learned to improvise, but it also applies to my everyday life. I can get so stuck not making decisions because I’m afraid of making the wrong one. I’m starting to think the only wrong choice is to not make one at all! So, say yes! Add the and. You’ll figure it out. Sounds like a pretty good life motto to me. It’s time to be decisive. And Brave. We can do it. 


What are you going to “Yes, and…”?! 

Talk to me. Leave a comment! @joannahackman on Instagram and Twitter. #SpeaksToMeSunday 

Favorite Five Friday (112th Edition) 

15 May

Happy Fri-Yay!! I hope you’re pumped up for an awesome weekend. I’m feeling pretty refreshed and excited after a great week…


1.  We celebrated Mother’s Day this week, and it made my heart so happy to see so many friends sharing photos, memories, and thanks for their mamas. My Mom is super woman. You can see my Mother’s Day “love letter” to her Here.


2.  My college roommates are some of my favorite people on the planet. I am so lucky that one of them is about to move to L.A. for the next year! This week we got to catch up with Cammie and Steven during their quick trip to find a place to live. It just made me exceedingly excited about the year I get with them. The City of Angels is about to get a whole lot brighter!


3.  So. Much. Packing. It is not my favorite. However, I am super stoked to be moving into our new place. My awesome husband has been working so hard to get us prepared for this move, and we are so close! Next time I write Favorite Five Friday, we’ll be residents of Burbank.


4.  One of my besties was hanging out at Disneyland this week, and I got to go play too! I had such a blast laughing with her, catching up with her family, and enjoying the magic of Disney. I’m sure you know this, but Disney is probably my favorite place to spend time with my loved ones. I think it’s pretty cool that it’s essentially in my backyard.


5.  This week it has been four years since I graduated from Belmont University. When I realized that, it blew my mind that it’s been so long. After the initial shock wore off, all I could think about was my amazing college experience. Awesome classes, teachers who became friends, expanding my knowledge and world view. Theatre that changed my life, friends who became family, and a city that will always have a piece of my heart. I’m so thankful for my degree (thanks to Mom and Dad for putting me through school!), the relationships, and the experiences. Belmont played a huge role in the adult I am today. I’m a Belmont girl for life.

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Have a fabulous weekend, party people!

And not party people.

Just all of the people. ❤️


Speaks To Me Sunday #9

10 May


It’s a special Speaks To Me Sunday as it is also Mother’s Day! 

Throughout my life I have known many incredible mothers who have impacted me and won a space in my heart. I am so blessed to know them. 

There is one particularly courageous, wise, hard working, and selfless woman who needs to be recognized. My mom. ❤️ 

Mom, thank you for my roots. You raised me on a solid foundation of faith and love. No matter what was going on in my life, you created a safe haven for me to grow. As my favorite teacher, you instilled in me all the most important things about life. I learned to be kind to others, hard work and dedication are essential, friends and family make each day worth while, passion is a force to be reckoned with, and prayer is a way of life. You raised me to be the woman I am, and I will always be grateful.  

Mom, thank you for my wings. You trusted me to make my own choices, my own mistakes. You supported my desires, encouraged my goals, and believed in my God-sized dreams. You let me chase after what I wanted… Even when it was scary. You showed me how to fly. Thank you for letting me soar. 

I am so beyond thankful that you are my mom. I love the way our relationship has grown. I love that I can call you my best friend. I hope one day I will be a mom, and that I will love my kids as well as you do. I love you. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


I want to hear about your mom! Share your stories.  Tell your Mom you love her! 

Favorite Five Friday (111th Edition)

7 May

Hey! It’s that time again…


1.  My awesome parents are celebrating their 31st Anniversary this month! They took a road trip to Cali with a couple of friends to mark the occasion. It was fun having them on our turf for the weekend. They came to Universal to hang out, take my tour, take Dan’s tour, and generally have a good time. We got to eat lots of yummy food, laugh at silly moments, and make some memories. Love my family.




2.  I have the sweetest niece in all the land. She is smart, sassy, funny, artistic, and poetic. I love the latest drawing for my fridge (her favorite song is “Firework”):


3.  Universal Studios Hollywood is gearing up for a busy summer! We just held auditions to add some awesome new guides to our roster. Being a part of the audition process is one of my favorite things. See you on the Trams, trainees!



4.  We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Mom had the brilliant idea to go see it at the historic El Capitan Theatre! So, we did – VIP style. We got free drinks, popcorn, and great seats. The movie was spectacular on the big screen, and we got to see some of Stan Lee’s private collection of Marvel memorabilia. Such a cool night! Thanks Mom and Dad. :)


5.  I’m pretty sure I have the best husband ever. I’ve been sickly this week and really struggling to function. He jumped to the rescue to take care of me and all of the daily details. He knocked out my car registration, plans for our move, started packing, made sure I had food I could eat, and snuggled me on the couch while we watched whatever I wanted. He’s the man. I can never say enough that I am thankful to have him as my partner. So, I just needed to share that here. I am a  ridiculously lucky girl. This photo might have been taken when we were engaged, but it’s still true. Babe…


Happy Friday, friends! Have the loveliest weekend!

Speaks To Me Sunday #8

3 May

It’s so simple. But it’s not always easy. It can be hard to let go of the status quo for something new. Even if that new thing is so much better. We fight it. We get stuck doing the same old thing because it’s known, it’s comfortable. Maybe we aren’t meant to just be comfortable.

Personally, I am trying to move forward in lots of areas. I am working on making real grown-up choices… At 26, sometimes I still feel like a child. It’s time for me to take control of the things I want to do and the adult I want to be. It’s scary. It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable. But I truly believe there is so much more out there for us if we will just step out in faith. Life is too short to remain stagnant. It’s time to move. I want to make it a goal to step gracefully awkwardly forward into each beautiful chapter my life. Join me?

What chapter do you need to close? Where will your new chapter take you?

Time to speak up! Find me on Twitter and Instagram (@JoannaHackman) and use #SpeaksToMeSunday.

Favorite Five Friday (110th Edition)

1 May

Friday, you are looking good! I am looking forward to a fun, full weekend, but let’s slow it down for a minute to review an equally awesome week…


1.  Dan and I are moving to Burbank! We’ve been ready to move out of our Studio for a little while now, and it’s time to make it happen. For the last several weeks we’ve been discussing the benefits of all the areas we like, searching for the things we absolutely need out of our new place, and visiting multiple locations. We finally found the one. It’s exactly where we wanted to be in Burbank. Close enough to walk to all the fun things down town, near our friends, and in a great neighborhood. We move in a little over two weeks, and we can’t wait to get settled! If I know my husband he will have packed our whole apartment by the end of next week. (Babe, if you are reading this. That was not the go ahead! :P)


2.  A few weeks ago I booked a fun print ad for InterContinental Hotels Group. It was a fantastic day on set! This week I got to see one of the photos up on their website. How cool is that?! It’s possible more of these will be popping up. Let me know if you see any!


3.  Guys, improv is a ridiculous amount of fun. I am really enjoying my class and my classmates. This week a few of us even got together outside of class so we could play and work on our improv chops. It’s great to find another community of super cool people. I love getting to hang out with them each week and seeing what we come up with. They make me laugh really hard. And make me feel like it’s okay to make mistakes. I’m sad we only have a few weeks left of 101! Don’t worry, UCB… pretty sure I will be back. ;)

4.  My talented and sassy friend, Leah, is awesome. You’ve seen her work all over my blog. Well, we got to shoot together again this week. And, of course, it was a blast. And, of course, she took stellar photos. (Did I mention she did my make-up too?!) Just thought I’d share:


5.  Communication is awesome. Also, it is necessary. Talking with your loved ones, co-workers, the waiter at a restaurant. There has to be a connection there for all parties to get what they want/need. I am working on being a better communicator. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. This week I got to communicate with several people I don’t always get to hear from, and it just made my heart soar. Whether it was a Facebook message, a phone call, a brief text, or a Google Hangout… each conversation was important. I’m glad there are so many ways to keep in contact with the people I love. I’m glad I’m trying to get better at making sure they know how I feel.

Have a fun weekend, y’all! Enjoy your FRIDAY!

Speaks To Me Sunday #7

26 Apr


I love you, Amy Poehler.

I feel like I am just starting this journey. Whether it’s saying sorry to someone who bumped into me or apologizing about feelings I’m having… My people pleasing has got to stop. My opinions, emotions, and thoughts matter. I know men can struggle with this too, but I feel like women are so prone to making apologies for things that are not their fault. 

(This article sums it up pretty well: http://time.com/2895799/im-sorry-pantene-shinestrong/)

I’m done being sorry for taking up space, for chasing my dreams, for feeling so deeply, for trying to be my own person. Ladies, let’s stand up to “sorry.” 

What are you done being sorry for? Comment, tweet me, or post to Instagram (@JoannaHackman). #SpeaksToMeSunday 


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