Speaks To Me Sunday #15

28 Jun

I was sitting on the floor of my 6th grade classroom reading a book with my best friend when I looked down and noticed our legs side by side. Hers were thinner than mine… and it made me feel bad. 

This is the first memory I have of feeling shame about my body, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I was ten years old.

It breaks my heart to think of kids, people, anyone feeling that way about their body. That they are somehow less than, not enough. I’m going to be honest… Sometimes I still struggle with these feelings. 

From an early age we are bombarded with opinions and images about how we should look and what is beautiful. Well, I want you to know that YOU are. Your body is amazing! It pumps blood through your veins and air through your lungs. It wakes up each morning and carries you through your day. It allows you to use all of your senses to experience what life has to offer. And maybe it can even run, jump, and dance. Your body is pretty great.

I feel like at some point, everyone has found something they dislike about their body. I think it’s time to turn that around. If there is something you want to change, do it! Put the work in. But not because you are punishing yourself… Because you value yourself. You are worth it. If it’s something you can’t change, lean Into it. Learn to love it. 

For me, this was (is!) a hard leason. As a kid, a few mean boys called me “thunder thighs.” I can’t tell you how unbelievably self-conscious it made me feel. It made me hate my legs, it made me feel unworthy. Today, I know I will never have long, lean legs, but I have to choose to be okay with that. Instead, I have powerful legs that carry me through several miles a day in a theme park and movie studio. When it comes to working out, y’all, I can do leg day every day. My legs may not be built for the runway, but they are strong. And you know what, I like them. 

We would all be so much healthier if we could stop picking ourselves apart and find the beauty in our “imperfections.” There are some things I want to work on and improve, but it is not going to be because I hate my body. I’m going to work hard because I love my body and because I deserve it. 

It’s your turn! Find the positives. What “flaws” can be made beautiful by changing your perspective? How are you going to love you body? Speak up! It’s #SpeaksToMeSunday! (Find me on Instagram and Twitter @joannahackman.) 

Favorite Five Friday (118th Edition) 

26 Jun

Another Friday is here! Can you believe it? And with it another edition of…


1.  We celebrated Father’s Day this last week. Pretty sure I’ve got one of the best dads around. Check out my Speaks To Me Sunday post about my Dad.


2.  Happy Birthday, Meryl Streep! There is a reason that everyone knows her name and praises her work. She is an incredible artist, and I admire her so much. One of my biggest, scariest dreams is to work with her one day. But honestly, I’d also just love to have a conversation with her. She fascinates me. Go celebrate by watching your favorite Meryl movie!


3.  Girls Night is a necessary part of life.  I crave time just to spend with my girlfriends – decompressing, sharing, laughing. We always have a good time. So thankful to have such awesome girls to do life with.

4.  We have officially raced into summer here at Universal Studios Hollywood with the opening of Fast & Furious: Supercharged – the new grand finale of The Studio Tour. It’s gonna be a Supercharged summer here a The Strangest Place on Earth! C’mon out and join us!

5.  Jack got a sister this week! We brought home little Liz Lemon (or just Lemon) and she is already bringing so much sunshine to our lives. She is super sweet, but has no problem keeping up with Jack. They are still figuring each other out, and we are having a great time watching! Two kittens are pretty hilarious. We love being cat parents.




Happy Friday, beautiful people!

Speaks To Me Sunday #14

21 Jun

Happy Father’s Day! 

I am so grateful to have a Dad who has always believed in me. He encouraged me to really go after what I wanted. Even when it was scary… So, he also taught me to be brave. Knowing he believed in me was everything. It was all I needed to seek out my dreams. This belief is the foundation of my choices, my pursuits, my life. 

Daddy, thank you for your belief in me. I would not be who I am today without it. On this Father’s Day I hope you know I believe in you, too. I love you, Dad! 


my favorite picture of us

What did your Dad teach you? How are you celebrating this Father’s Day? #SpeaksToMeSunday  

Favorite Five Friday (117th Edition)

19 Jun

Hello! It’s been a fun week…


1.  The Giving Keys is a cool organization that employs people looking to transition out of homelessness. They make beautiful pieces of jewelry out of keys with a history. On each key they engrave a word, a message for the wearer. These keys keep on giving because once the word has served its purpose, the wearer passes the key on to someone else who needs it. I fell in love with this idea when I first found The Giving Keys. I’ve always had a thing about keys… some kind of nostalgia maybe. Plus, you all know I’m big on words. ;) Put the two together, I’m sold! Dan got me one of my very own for our anniversary with a word I am trying to live out on the daily. It’s time to be brave!


2.  Big shout out to my cousin, Katy, for graduating high school this last week! To celebrate she came to L.A. with her mom (my Aunt Jill) and my mom. They came to Universal to hop on board the World Famous Universal Studio Tour, we ate some delicious food, and we played with our kitty, Jack. It was definitely a weekend of family fun!


3.  Over the last month we’ve been juggling work, a move across town, kittens, and all kinds of craziness. Feeling busy and exhausted led me to putting my health and fitness on the back burner… not really where I want them to be. Let me tell you, I can feel it. I’m ready to get my priorities straight and get back to sweating it out. I want to make healthy choices so I can be strong enough to take on whatever life throws at me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the “why.” Why am I doing this? Why does it matter if I skip my work out or eat dessert three times a day? I’m working on getting my ” why” back.



4. It’s always a good week when it includes Disney! And Disney is extra magical when you get to go with some awesome friends. We didn’t get to see all of the 60th Anniversary events, but we liked what we saw so far! Guess that just means we will have to go back. ;)

1908100_10153032332879952_914685493372277498_n 10996806_10155688682970035_7716674949402282084_n

5.  I pretty much always drink out of straws, and Jack is constantly trying to steal them. I caught him in the act… click the link for some kitty cuteness: https://www.facebook.com/joanna.hackman/videos/10153031917279952/?l=9163815815011173973.

Have a great weekend, and (dare I say it) an even better week!

Happy Friday!

Favorite Five Friday (116th Edition)

12 Jun

FRIDAY! It’s here. :) But before that…


1.  Guys, I have to give a shout out to my GPS. Really any GPS system… I am directionally challenged to begin with, but living in L.A. is a whole other story. I have been driving all over the place for auditions this last week (Whoo hoo!), and I would have gotten lost several times without it. You know when you move and you have to get used to your new area? And how to get to and from there? That’s still what I’m experiencing. So, I just had to say I love technology and my GPS.

2.  I am a proud trainer! My “kids” tested this week and we are bringing on about 35 new guides. It has been so fun seeing all of their posts/pictures in uniform and with their new name tags. That fresh excitement is exactly what we need around here as we head into a busy summer season. Congratulations, guys! Welcome to the Tramily.

3.  One of the reasons we are about to get busy is because we racing toward a Supercharged Summer! Universal has added in a new element to the Studio Tour where you are thrown into a high-speed chase with Dom, Letty, and the Fast & Furious crew. This week we had an employee preview event for the new attraction. I love working for a company that wants all of its employees to see the theme park elements first hand. They treat us to dinner, have fun activities (photo booth, anyone?), and give us free t-shirts! We had a pretty great night. I’m excited to share Fast & Furious: Supercharged with the rest of the world. Come check it out this summer!


4.  I hate to write about this here because it is not a favorite thing… But I need to share. After bringing home our two beautiful kittens, one of them stopped eating. We took Jim to the vet only to find out that he had a very serious and fatal disease. Dan and I were and are absolutely heartbroken to have lost Jim, especially so soon. We are so grateful to the wonderful people in our lives who have been lifting us up and showering us with love and support. It was exactly what we needed. The best news to come out of this is that our little Jack is healthy. We had the vet (who is an amazing woman) do essentially every test there was… all came back clear. Of course, we are watching him closely and prepared for more check ups, but we are so relieved. It’s amazing how fast you can fall in love with these little guys. This is one of the hardest things Dan and I have been through together, but I am so thankful we have each other.


5.  Speaking of… today is my 5th wedding anniversary! I can’t tell you how strange it is to say that. 5 whole years have come and gone since I became Mrs. Hackman. It’s unreal. Actually, it’s pretty great. My husband is my favorite person on the planet. He is hilarious and makes me laugh constantly. He encourages me, challenges me, and supports my dreams. He works hard at everything he does. He is one of the most generous people I have ever met. He likes to keep things clean and organized as much as I do. He loves to surprise me with gifts. He tells me how beautiful I am every day. He makes me feel like me… the very best version of me. He loves me through it all. I don’t know what the next 5 years will hold, but it doesn’t matter. Just knowing we will face it together is enough. Daniel, I am childishly in love with you. I always will be. Happy 5 years! Here’s to (at least) 50 more!

40354_418039854951_3835923_n 40504_418043554951_6685912_n 44949_418056834951_414186_n

Oh, Happy Friday!

Speaks To Me Sunday #13

7 Jun

This has been on my mind a lot the last couple of days. 
One of our sweet new kittens had to be hospitalized because he was so sick. I never imagined that this would be our experience when we decided to adopt.  My husband and I are totally heartbroken. I am not okay. 

It seems so crazy to fall in love with a pet so quickly (we’ve only had him for a couple days), but we did. This little guy is relying on us. Obviously, we had to do everything in power to get him better. It’s just hard knowing he might not get better. We should know more this evening. 

It feels a little ridiculous to get so worked up about a cat, but I am. He is ours. I am not okay. And I just needed to say that. And to realize that it’s okay to not be okay. Not every day is going to be a good one. Eventually we will be okay. And hopefully he will be too…


Jim Halpert the Cat

How about you? What are you not okay about? I just want you to know… It’s okay. 


Favorite Five Friday (115th Edition)

5 Jun

Hey, how are ya? What a fun week!! Read on for adorable photos…


1.  Most of my week has been spent getting to know Universal’s newest Tour Guides. They are an energetic bunch with a lot of talent. I seriously love being a trainer. Helping them craft their tours, encouraging their excitement about working at Universal, and watching them shine. It’s an absolute privilege. Wishing them luck as they test early next week!

2.  Our new apartment is really coming together. It’s been a fun project trying to fill the space and add some new touches. We also treated ourselves to some new towels and bathroom wares  – we hadn’t replaced any of those since we got married five years ago! I adore my new yellow bathroom. It’s the cheeriest. :)


3.  I think audition season has begun! I had two great auditions and I am ready for more. Thankful for my husband who helped me get everything I needed for a last-minute audition (I am really learning that you always have to be prepared.) and my awesome agent Stephany! Proud to be out there representing Team Avalon.

4.  It finally happened! We got a kitty… in fact, we got two! ;) Dan and I are absolutely in love with our brand new kittens.



The gray tabby is wild, but snuggly sweet. He likes to crawl all over us, and thinks my hair is a toy. He has an assertive purr just like his namesake – Jack Donaghy (30 Rock).



The black cat is our  little shadow. You can often find him sitting behind us or under an arm or leg. He is a little shy, but melts when you scratch his head. Just like his namesake – Jim Halpert (The Office), he needs a little confidence to go after what he wants, and he mugs for the camera (us) whenever his new brother does something ridiculous.



Jack and Jim are pretty awesome. You can expect a lot more cat photos from here on out. You’re welcome.


5.  Today! It’s National Donut Day!! Donuts are my fav so, of course, I had to celebrate. Luckily Universal opened our new Springfield area including a Lard Lads Donuts. The giant chocolate donut is completely delicious. Treat yo’self and get a donut today!!


Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Happy Friday! 


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