Speaks To Me Sunday #38

7 Feb


Not just the noticeably good things, the stand-out moments. Everything. 

My awesome coach, Alison Robertson, sent this to me when I was feeling a little down. It gave me a new perspective, and it’s kind of become like a little game. Whenever I feel like something isn’t going the way I wanted it to, instead of spiraling downward, I stop and spin it. I remember that it’s rigged in my favor. Maybe the way I wanted it to go wasn’t the best possible outcome. 

God does this all the time… the thing I thought I desperately needed wasn’t actually His best for me. He always has something better. There is so much more out there if we dream a little bigger. And this life is so much more fulfilling if we can adjust our attitudes and find the good. 

Alright, I’m ready to face this day and find all the little moments that are rigged in my favor. 

How about you?! 

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Favorite Five Friday (135th Edition)

5 Feb

Hello again, Friday! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week. Here’s a peek at mine…


1. It’s that time again. We are hiring new guides for the World Famous Universal Studio Tour. I love getting to be part of this journey for these new guides. The beginning is so exciting, and I love feeling that energy from them. It always reminds me how lucky I am to have this job and to be a part of the tramily.

2.  More hiking! Dan and I took a great little hike in Burbank – it was great. I love being active and getting fit with my husband. I think it’s pretty cool that we can do that together.

3.  My beautiful niece turned NINE this week! I can’t even believe that’s possible. She is smart, spunky, and silly. I love getting to know her as she grows and changes. She is very into music so last year I made her a mix CD of some of my favorite songs, songs I thought she’d like. Well, apparently it was a hit because this year she asked me for another one. :) I love having this connection with her and getting to make her something special.

4. My mom is the cutest. And a total fashionista. She sent me this gorgeous coat as an early Valentine’s Day gift. I’ve already worn it three times. Thanks mama!

5.  The Oscars are coming! This week we were on set for Best Picture: The Musical. For the third year in a row, we give you a fun rundown of each of the Best Picture nominees. In musical form, of course. This year I’m playing Rachel McAdams/Sacha Pfieffer from Spotlight. (Are you kidding me?! Dreams come true. I love her so much.) Here’s a few shots from my section:


Stay tuned for the video! It’s coming soon!!

Happy Friday, one and all!

Speaks To Me Sunday #37

31 Jan

We are one month into 2016. 

How did that happen?! 

I’m trying to refocus on what is most important and living for that every day. This is a pretty succinct list of what I’m going to work for this year. I plan to start focusing my attention on only the things that will bring me joy. 

Are you succeeding in your goals, living your dreams? Do you need to refocus? 

Let’s make 2016 the best year ever! 

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Favorite Five Friday (134th Edition)

29 Jan

How it is already Friday again?! Another busy, fun-filled week…


1. I really enjoy hiking, but I haven’t gotten to do much of that since we moved to Burbank. Well, little did I know, there’s a great little hike just a few minutes up the hill from us! I got to enjoy with with some buddies and an adorable pup. It was pretty fantastic, and I’ll definitely be going back.

2. It’s Oscar Season! We are working on another Oscar Musical starring all the Best Picture nominees. We were busy recording the fantastically catchy song this week. I can’t wait for you all to see it!

 3. I spent a good chunk of time this week working on a photobook with pictures from our trip to Europe. It made me so happy to relive all those memories. Thank goodness for photos! They really are so important. I can’t wait for the book to arrive! And now I have travel fever. I just want to go! We’ll see where we end up next. :)

4. My brother is getting married in a few short months. To an amazing woman! I was so excited to go order my bridesmaid dress this week. It’s becoming so real. I am so thrilled for Jer and Sabrina. I can’t wait to be a part of their big day.

5. It had been far too long, so Leah and I decided it was time for another magical photo shoot. I love that we can just wander into some random wooded-ish area, I put on some fun costumes, and Leah creates something unbelievable. I’m always impressed by her artistry. Look how magical! (Go see her stuff/two more photos in this series at Gunnpointphotography.com)

Happy Friday, y’all! 



Speaks To Me Sunday #36

24 Jan

We all have to start somewhere.

I am working to move forward in my career, and it’s so easy to be filled with doubt when I see how much my resume is lacking. And it’s not just me saying that. That’s what folks in the industry see as well. It makes meetings a little more intimidating. And it can be hard to feel like you have to explain why they should take a chance on you. I mean… I’ve trained. I have a degree in acting, dang it! I have performed in countless plays since I was 6 years old. I’ve been cast in lots of lead roles. That’s all gotta count for something, right? Well… maybe it doesn’t in their eyes. To them I have a long way to go. And that’s fair.  

But it means something to me. It’s my foundation, my background, my life so far. It’s the beginning. 

You might look at my resume and call me an amateur – particularly in the world of film. But we all have to start somewhere… Rachel McAdams, Kate Winslet, Jessica Chastain… They all had resumes that read like mine at some point. They figured out how to push through. I will too. Because I’m an artist. 

I won’t be afraid to say it anymore. I’m an actor. I’m an artist. 

Who are you?

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Favorite Five Friday (133rd Edition)

22 Jan

January is almost over. How is that possible? You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun…


1. First Disney trip on the year! We got together with our besties and made our way to Anaheim for an adventure. It was even more of a treat when we realized all six of us had gone to Disney together on the same date the year before. In honor of the occasion, we recreated our Space Mountain photo… it’s pretty impressive. The parks weren’t too crowded and the weather was perfect. Nothing better than the Happiest Place on Earth with the coolest people around.


2. A couple years ago I stumbled across a book called Red Rising, and it blew me away. The author, Pierce Brown, had just landed on the scene… and he was killing it. I was so impressed by his storytelling ability and the characters he brought to life. Also, it’s Sci-Fi meets Fantasy which is completely up my alley. I became obsessed with this book, and I made everyone I know read it. (Be honest. I did you a favor!) The best part was, there were going to be two more! A trilogy. I love getting hooked on a good series. And hooked I was… make that am. I am hooked. A year after the first book, Pierce Brown knocked me over with Golden Son. Dan and I became such fans that we even went to a book signing to meet Pierce. He is awesome, by the way. Dan wants to be his best friend. Golden Son might just be better than Red Rising, and it that’s true… I can’t even imagine what book three will be like. I won’t be waiting much longer! Morning Star will be released the second week of February! I’ve been getting ready for it by rereading the first two, and man, do they stand up. SO GOOD. If you have not read these books, do yourself a favor and get on that. And lucky you… you won’t even have to wait a year for the next one. ;) I can’t wait to get my hands on Morning Star and see where this beloved trilogy ends up. You better believe the Hackman’s will be buying two copies. Ain’t nobody has time to wait around while their spouse reads the book first. :P ;) We will see you soon, Pierce! Also, be gentle… I’m a little scared for what’s to come.


3. Thanks for all the Christmas love, family! Because of you I was able to get myself a new Nook. :) I received my first one as a college graduation present from my awesome Aunt Jill, and have used it to death. Literally… it barely holds a charge anymore. It was time for a new one! I love reading from a good old fashioned book with paper pages, but, y’all… I love my Nook. It’s so awesome to have a little library I can just carry around with me. It also makes it easier to read at night after I’ve taken out my contacts. Lying on your pillow with glasses on is just obnoxious (can I get an amen?!), but with the Nook, I can adjust the lighting and the font so I can see. Pretty darn great. I swear I wasn’t paid to write this… But I really do love my Nook!

4. We got a membership to the YMCA. I love it. It’s so nice having a place to go and work up a sweat. Especially one that’s right around the corner! So convenient. I had been getting a little lax in my work out routine, but I am proud to say that so far this year, I’ve hit the gym at least 4 times a week. Not too shabby. But I’m only getting warmed up (see what I did there?) It’s time to kick it into gear and make 2016 my strongest and healthiest year yet! 

5. Guys. My husband is awesome. Today he did laundry and made me a delicious (and healthy) dinner. And he is waiting patiently while I finish this so we can watch some more DareDevil (it’s great). He’s pretty cute. And I’m pretty lucky. I think I’ll keep him. ;)


Make this the best week of 2016 so far!

Happy Friday!

Speaks To Me Sunday #35

17 Jan


I am stubborn. When I know what I want, I am determined to get it. 

Over the last couple years, I’ve let that side of me slip away ever so slightly… It’s like I heard that being determined, ambitious, or even fiercely stubborn about reaching my goals was a bad thing. Too much. Not ladylike? Not pretty? Or maybe I just got scared that I could fail. I’ve got some pretty big dreams, afterall. For whatever reason, I took my foot off the gas. 

Well, I’m over it. 

I am ready to force myself to the limits to reach my dreams. I’m going to shout it from the mountain tops. And I hope everyone hears me. Challenges me. Pushes me forward. 

So, I say to you… So, I say to the small, terrified girl who sometimes controls my brain…

Go ahead, underestimate me. 

It’s time to give it all I’ve got. 

How about you? Are you ready to succeed? It’s time to show up everyone who has ever underestimated you. Including yourself. 

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