A New Tradition: Favorite Five Friday

27 Jul

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and I really don’t like that.  My goal had been to maintain some consistency.  I guess that is still my goal.  So, I am back.  The truth is, I didn’t write because I felt like I didn’t have anything interesting or smart or witty to say.  I have just been adjusting to my new job and new life in California. That’s it. I felt boring and unimaginative.  Then, I realized… I am doing this for me.  This blog is mine, and I can write whatever I feel like!  Now, my goal is to write even when I feel like I have nothing of any importance to say.  To help with subject matter, I intend to implement some weekly themes… like, “Favorite Five Friday” where I will share my five favorite things from this last week.  🙂  So, here it is!


1.  I love my new job!  I am working at a children’s fitness center, and it is non-stop fun.  It’s exciting to have a job that keeps me active and on my feet.  The program is new every week, and there is always something to learn.  I get to spend time with several different age groups.  Watching them grow and learn is so exciting to me.  I never thought I had the “teacher gene” that everyone else in my family seems to have… then again, I also never thought I had the “athlete gene” either.  Here I am, a physically fit twenty-something teaching at a gym! And loving it!  There is nothing quite like the joy on those little faces.

How many people get to wear comfy clothes and hang out in their socks at work?!

2.  The news of the shooting that took place in Colorado devastated me.  I didn’t want to write about it because I knew my thoughts were in line with everyone else in the country… what could I say that would be any different?  What a horrible thing.  This horrible thing also happened to take place in one of my favorite places, one of my sanctuaries, a movie theater.  This gunman brought fear into a place where so many find calm and happiness.  It truly rocked me.  This shooting is certainly not on my list of favorite things, but there are some things that happened in the wake of it that made the cut.  First, I am proud of myself for standing up and marching into a theater to see The Dark Knight Rises the very same day.  I admit I was actually a little scared, but I was not going to let that terrible man take something I value away from me. Second, I so admire actors who are connected to people, to their fans.  Christian Bale (Star of The Dark Knight Rises) took it upon himself (no media coverage, no one sent him) to make a trip to Colorado to meet the people who were injured in the shooting and those who responded to the tragedy.  I have heard lots of mixed things about Christian Bale in the media, but after this I truly just admire and respect him as an actor and a person.  What a stand up guy.

A Real Life Hero

3.   Season 1 of Full House.  I started watching it on a whim, and I’ve gotta say I still love that show.  Sitcom’s were so much better in the 90’s. And really, what is better than a little time with John Stamos?! 😉

“Have Mercy!”

4.  I tried out some new recipes this week, and they turned out great!  I am not a chef by any means, but I am trying to sharpen my cooking skills. Here are some pictures of my successes:


Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup


S’more Croissants

5.  My husband and I are film people.  We own too many movies, we watch way too much television, and we analyze every little detail.  I love it. It’s possible that we might spend a little too much time in front of the tube, but I like to call it research. 😉  We love to watch things together.  One of the first shows we started watching together was Grey’s Anatomy. Certainly not the end all be all of shows, but it’s always been one I liked. My husband has had more of a love hate relationship with it.  He is just now catching up on the latest season, and I have been watching with him.  Dedicated fan that I am. One of the best, most relaxing parts of my day is just being able to sit and hang out with my husband.  That would make my favorite list every single week.  🙂

So, there you have it!  A new tradition.  Favorite Five Friday begins!


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