Favorite Five Friday (4th Edition)

17 Aug

Here it is…


1.  During a phone call, my friend said, “I can hear the sunshine in your voice.”  I loved the thought of that, and I’ve been tossing that around in my head all week. I really think the California weather is making me a happier, brighter, more enthusiastic person. Or maybe it’s just Cali in general. Whatever it is, I’m loving it.

2.  Bath tub crayons. Seriously.  The kids I used to babysit had some, and I thought they looked like fun! I bought some so I could leave silly notes for my husband in the shower. We’ve been having a blast writing messages to each other. I feel like a kid again!


3.  I finally got to get back to some of my workouts this week, and I am feeling great!  Jillian Michaels has been a huge factor in my weight loss and fitness over the last year and a half. She might be crazy and intense, but she can certainly be motivational.  What stuck with me this week was (I’m paraphrasing) the idea that we are all unique. We have to be brave and share our unique qualities or we cheat the world of what we have to offer. You are the only you, so be the best you.

4.  My show of the week has been Veronica Mars. I love the Nancy Drew-esque mystery solving, but Veronica (played by the adorable Kristen Bell) is smarter, savvier, and sassier. It’s fun to watch and try to solve the mysteries along with Veronica and her Private Investigator Dad. It’s also great to see cameos from a ridiculous amount of celebrities. It may not be the best written show to ever hit television, but it’s a good time.


5.  Never underestimate the power of kindness.  Especially from a stranger. I was approached twice this week by people I’d never met and told that I was beautiful. Wow. It takes guts to talk to someone you don’t know, and to throw a compliment in there on top… gutsy and kind.  I was once told by a teacher that  whenever a kind or positive thought crosses your mind you should share it. Only good things can come from sharing your positive words with someone who may need to hear them.


Happy, Happy Friday!


One Response to “Favorite Five Friday (4th Edition)”

  1. Elise August 17, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    I totally love bathtub crayons! One time, I wrote all over the shower wall and used them to study for my stats test… I aced it.

    Also, I just really like your blog a lot.

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