Favorite Five Friday (6th Edition)

30 Aug

It’s Friday, Friday… Gotta get down on Friday


1.  This week we are having Summer Camp at work, and it’s been super fun!  At the start of the week we had a little Staff get together so we could hang out and play together.  We got lunch at Chili’s and then went to the park to play a little Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Volleyball.  It was so fun spending time getting to know my co-workers (even if it did remind me that I was never great at team sports).  It was a fun Monday! The rest of the week has been filled with silly antics and crazy kids. Today, I got to break a board with my hand during out Karate session.  I never knew I could do that!

2.  My car got sick this week. It wouldn’t start and we had to take it into the shop. Dead and corroded battery that leaked into some of the wiring… not good at all.  I am certainly not glad for the car issues. BUT it made me thankful for three things: 1) We had the money to take care of the issue (plus supportive friends and family who gave rides and offered to help). 2) My amazing husband took care of all of it for me. He even let me take his car to work while he waited around for news about my poor car. 3) I had a happy thought.  You know those out of the blue, “Holy cow! That’s how the world works?,” big picture thoughtful thoughts? It was like that. I was thinking about how crazy it was that my only four-year old car needed a new battery already, and it popped into my head that my niece is five years old. Older than my car, but perfectly healthy, vital, and growing. The human body is such a miracle. All the things that humans create seem to fade away as quickly as they are produced. A dead battery, a short-circuit, irreparable (read: water) damage, a newer model… the list goes on. But Humans, we are resilient, durable, long-lasting, ever-changing in accordance with our circumstances.  God’s creation. There is nothing quite so miraculous as being a living, breathing, adaptable Human. What a thought. 🙂

3.  I recently came across another blog, and stumbled on an idea that I adore. It’s called 101 in 1001.  The idea is that if you write down and share your goals you will be more likely to complete them.  So, you make a list of 101 specific tasks you want to complete with a defined outcome. These goals should be realistic, but things that will help you grow. Then you set out a time period in which to accomplish these goals. That’s where the 1001 comes in.  1001 days is about 2.75 years. A reasonable amount of time to complete all of your tasks. This sounds AWESOME to me, and I think I’m going to give it a shot. I have always loved to make lists and write down goals… this sounds like the ultimate to do list for me.  So, I am sharing this today with the notion that before September ends I will have my 101 in 1001 in place. I’ll share more as soon as I can!

Here’s the blog referencing 101 in 1001: http://violetsage.wordpress.com/101-in-1001/

4.  I have been reading Rebecca Wells’ Little Alters Everywhere and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  Both of which I read several years ago, but I felt drawn to reading them again.  Maybe I just miss the South? Lots of my latest book quests have revolved around the South.  Or maybe I just miss my friends, and reading about tight-knit, sassy group of girlfriends makes me feel a little less lonely. Regardless, I am reading about the Ya-Yas and having a good time.  These women are a little loopy and most definitely flawed, but they have a fierce love for one another and their families that I admire. I came across a quote the other night that stuck with me, and I wanted to share it. This is Vivi Abbott Walker talking to her daughter, Siddalee: “It’s life, Sidda. You don’t figure it out. You just climb up on the beast and ride.” Simple and right to the point. Sometimes we try too hard to figure things out. We let our desire to have an explanation for everything get in the way of just living. By we, I really mean me. This is exactly what I do. Life is messy, imperfect, and beautiful… Over the last few months I’ve been making an effort to really see and live it that way. I just want to ride the beast!

5.  As you probably know, Friday is normally Date Day. This Friday I am spending the morning at Summer Camp, and this evening a special date will arrive!! My mom, aunt, cousin, and niece are coming to visit!! I am so thrilled that they will be here spending Labor Day weekend with me (and Dan, when he’s available).  I absolutely need some girl time and some family time. I can’t wait to post about what trouble we get into in the next few days!

Happy Friday, Friends! Go ride that beast!!


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