Birthday Bonanza!

22 Sep

I adore birthdays!  Any and all birthdays!  (Okay, yes… I do particularly love my birthday, but don’t most people?!) There is just something so exciting about celebrating such a special event.  The anniversary of the day you came into this world.  Commemorating another years worth of adventures.  Remembering all the moments that came before this one.  Breathing in the promise of a fresh new year.  It’s really an amazing and special thing.

This past week was seriously a Birthday Bonanza!  And I loved it.

First, let me tell you, every weekend at work we host birthday parties.  It’s always a super fun extravaganza.  Being a part of it is really neat.  We get to plan a fabulous party for the birthday child and all of their friends.  We do all kinds of things to make the birthday kid feel as special as they should.  It’s seriously awesome. This last weekend, I got the chance to teach my very first party! (In the past, I have only assisted).  It was a very big deal.  AND… the pressure was on… Not only was it my first time teaching, but it was also the kid’s very first birthday!  And not only was it the kid’s first birthday, but the kid was also my boss’s son!  And not only was my boss there, but also all of my co-workers!  And not only did my co-workers attend, but also many important people in the company.  YIKES.  Like I said, pressure.  I will admit I was definitely nervous, but I survived!!  The party was great! There may have been a few minor slip ups, but I was really proud of myself.  It actually turned out to be nice to have so many people there that are in the My Gym family.  Everyone was super helpful and supportive.  I really love my job. Plus, this particular one year old happens to be a favorite of mine so I am thrilled that I got to teach his birthday party.  It was quite the day!

On top of that, it was my amazingly wonderful Husband’s birthday last Monday!  We spent several days celebrating and having a great time.  We celebrated with his brother and a friend on Saturday… We had taco night (his favorite), a round of mini-golf (or as I like to call it, the fail-safe way to puncture my ego…haha), a movie (Best in Show), and ice cream cake (my first time making it)!  It was a very fun night. 🙂

The Fellas

Blowing out the candles on his ice cream cake!

On Monday, I got to take Dan out for a birthday date!  I had been trying to think of what to do for a few weeks, and came up with a neat idea.  We often  joke that Dan takes me out on lots of dates, but I never take him anywhere because he always drives and we usually use his card to pay.  I decided that I wanted to take him out!  I even kept it a secret because Dan loves surprises, but I’m not very good at them.  So, on his birthday I came home from work to pick him up for our date.  I drove the car (I hate driving) and didn’t clue him in on where we were going until we got there.  We got off the exit in Silver Lake and pulled up to 55 Degree Wine.  Once we got there, Dan had a pretty good guess. 🙂 55 Degree Wine looks like a normal liquor store, but they have an underground wine cellar that functions as a cozy restaurant and bar.  I chose 55 Degrees because they do both wine and beer tastings!  Something fun for both of us.  Naturally,  Dan did a beer tasting and I did a wine tasting.  We had the place to ourselves almost the entire evening!  It was so fun to do something out of the norm for us.  We will definitely be going back there.   And at the end of the evening, I even pulled out my card to pay. 😉  It was a perfect night!  (Okay, okay… so he drove home.)

Beer Tasting

Wine Tasting

Happy Birthday!

So, there is my Birthday Bonanza weekend.  It was a whirlwind few days, but so much fun!  Birthdays are always worth celebrating, and I hope I never forget that.

(In case you were wondering… there are 34 days until my birthday.)


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