Hello 24!

2 Nov

I know, I know… Birthday posts galore! I am just a firm believer in cherishing and celebrating each year that goes by and the birthday that signifies it. I said I would post an update about the Birthday Date my husband took me on – this is it!

We had a wonderful evening out in Los Angeles!  Here’s a little recap… Dan and I got dressed up (his idea, thank you very much) and headed off to see some art! We spent a few hours exploring L.A.C.M.A. and saw some very cool exhibits. One of my favorite parts is the outdoor exhibit, Urban Light. There are rows and rows of street lamps right outside the museum, and at dusk they all turn on. It’s quite a spectacular sight. My awesome husband timed it just right… the lights flickered on just as we walked into the forest of lamp posts. It was kind of magical. 🙂  We played outside for a little while and enjoyed a little impromptu photo shoot (or not so impromptu… Dan knows I love taking/having pictures so he made sure I brought my camera along).  One of the best parts of our trip to the museum was extremely unexpected… As we walked up to get our tickets we passed by a very familiar face. Dan and I looked at each other in shock as we realized we had just seen Betsy Brandt. (For those of you who do not know who I am talking about… do yourself a favor and start watching Breaking Bad immediately).  Breaking Bad is one of favorite shows on television, and certainly one (if not the) best shows on right now. Ms. Brandt is one of the main characters on the show, and she is fantastic. Really, just seeing her would have been cool enough… but that is not all. After a minute or so of freaking out and trying to decide if we should congratulate her on her show… Dan made the move (but I was scared so I just watched). She was immediately very gracious and sweet. Dan told her his wife was the one in the purple (to which she said, “I love that she’s wearing purple!” Again… you have to know the show to understand), and I made my way over to say hi.  We had a great conversation. Even when we tried to scoot away to let her continue her evening, she kept engaging with us. It was an awesome few minutes, and I felt so encouraged by talking to her. Seriously, what a classy lady! She said she hoped she’s get to work with us some day, and Ms. Brandt… so do I!



After the museum we made our way to a tiny little Italian cafe for our dinner reservation. Girasole is one of the smallest restaurants I’ve ever been too, but it was also one of the most charming! The service was good, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was perfect. I can’t wait to go back there.


We ended our evening by picking up some Birthday Donuts!  Who needs cake when you can have donuts, right?! 🙂

It was a fabulous night and the perfect way to sashay into my mid-twenties!



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