Favorite Five Friday (14th Edition)

30 Nov

Hello Everyone! It has been a wonderful week. Read all about it!


1.  I have always been big on making memories.  Taking pictures, writing it all down, saving all kinds of souvenirs… I am always looking for was to make a moment last.  So, this week I worked on organizing some of those memories. I keep all of my letters… seriously, all of them.  I have birthday cards from when I was six years old.  I don’t know what prompted me to start saving them so young, but I have always been attached.  Anyway, I keep them all and I’ve had them stored up in various bags and boxes.  I wanted to organize my letters so I found some really cute boxes to categorize and organize them into.  It was quite the process!  But it was one of the best parts of my week.  Going back and reading those letters from loved ones made me realize I have been blessed with some truly amazing people in my life.  I am so thankful to feel so loved.


Love Letters.

2.  I got super crafty this week! I used to do all kinds of crafts with my Grandma, and I loved it.  In recent years, my crafty ways just became something I didn’t have time for.  Well, thanks to Pinterest I have found too many awesome ideas not to give them a try!  My craft-tastic side came back with a vengeance this week, and I have been enjoying it immensely.  I do have some pictures, but I can’t share them yet.  Christmas gifts, ya know?! 🙂

3.  The Holiday season is upon us! YAY!!! 😀 I love, love, love Christmas time.  Because it still feels like summer here, we decided that decorating would give us that Christmas spirit!  We found our tree and had a wonderful evening decorating it while we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol.  It was a perfect evening… Christmas has begun!


4.  DISNEYLAND AT CHRISTMAS!!! You heard me! DISNEYLAND! AT CHRISTMAS!!! Dan and I were extremely lucky to go to Disneyland again! (We know some seriously awesome people).  It was great to spend time catching up with some old friends at the happiest place on earth.  I will never ever turn down a trip to Disney. Ever.  Now, I get to cross Disneyland at Halloween and Disneyland at Christmas off my bucket list.  What a gloriously magical day. 🙂


5.   While browsing Target this week, Dan and I had an abnormal experience.  A man called us over and handed us each a piece of paper.  We weren’t sure what it was for, but we took it and walked away.  I glanced at the paper and thought it was a phone number and he was looking for work.  Dan kept looking at it and trying to figure it out.  All of a sudden, I realized there was a credit card number on the paper and it said $2,000. It was signed Vincent Soto.  We were both shocked and confused… why did this man hand us these papers?  Dan went back and found him to get our questions answered.  Then man told him, “My friend, this is a gift for you.”  He then told Dan to take our papers to any Bank of America and they would give us each $2,000.  (WHAT?!)  We couldn’t believe it, but we had to go to a Bank of America to find out!  We were both skeptical, excited, and totally in awe that someone would be so generous.  On the way to the bank we talked of what we would spend $4,000 on… Paying off Dan’s car, student loans, Christmas presents, pursuing our dreams… When we got to the bank we told the teller we had a story she wouldn’t believe.  She said she’s heard it all, and it turned out she had.  We told her our tale, and she asked immediately if we were referring to Mr. Soto.  She knew exactly what had happened, and many people had brought in the same tiny papers that we clutched in our hands.  Unfortunately, we did not leave the bank with $4,000.  More than that, the generous Mr. Soto apparently has some kind of illness.  The bank account used to be his, but it has been closed for quite some time.  The bank has spoken with him many times, but he is confused.  He continues to hand out these seemingly insignificant papers without knowing there is no money to give.  We didn’t end up with money given to us by a generous stranger, but the gesture still moved me.  The significance of that paper is the heart behind it and the way it made me feel. It allowed us to dream a little bit and to remember how good people can be.


Thanks for reading! Happy Friday to all, and to all a good night!


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