Favorite Five Friday (15th Edition)

7 Dec

Hi All!  This is what’s up…



1.  Dan and I both work a lot.  On top of that, we are constantly working opposing shifts. We don’t get a ton of time to hang out and be together. Last Saturday we had a wonderful surprise date!  I normally work 12 hours on Saturday, and Dan is still at work when I get home… This week, one of my co-workers needed to trade shifts with me.  I expected to have all of Saturday afternoon and evening to myself.  In a turn of events, Dan ended up leaving work about the same time I did.  We got to spend almost the entire day together!  It was such a nice surprise. 🙂  We ate some awesome Mexican food, did some furniture (window) shopping, and saw a movie.  It’s hard to work so much and spend a significant amount of time without your significant other.  On the plus side, I am always so grateful and excited for the time we do get to be together.  Here’s to more surprise Satur-dates!

2.  So, I posted a couple of weeks ago about rebooting my health and fitness.  I made the unfortunate decision to try to do that over Thanksgiving… How could I stay away from all that delicious food?!  I just don’t have that kind of self-control.  Nor do I think you should deprive yourself of some yummy treats that only appear a few times a year.  That being said, I am getting back on track.  More than that, my work out routine has resurfaced.  It feels good to be back in some kind of pattern.  I can tell my body and mind are both better off!  I’m going to continue working hard and building up the muscle and endurance I lost.  Now, to learn more self-control when it comes to food…

3.  In number 1 I mentioned that we were window shopping for furniture.  We are in that place right now where we wish we could get rid of all of our stuff and  buy new things… Bed frame, couch, TV stand, shelving, etc, etc… Something about moving just made us feel like starting over.  We’ve slowly been working on updating some of our furnishings.  After lots of looking around we decided some new shelves above our couch would bring our living room together.  Now, I’ve got to say… this is kind of a big thing.  Dan and I move a lot.  Individually, before we were married. Together, after we were married.  In general, we move a lot.  I haven’t lived in one place longer than a year since I left home after high school.  It’s insane.  Well, I think we’ve made the decision to stay in our apartment for another year. At least two years in one place!  That’s a big deal for us.  I’m excited about it.  So, we’re starting to settle in and make the place our own.  Adding these shelves just made it feel a little more permanent. A little more like our own home.  🙂


4.  I love me some Christmas music! I cannot lie… I have been listening to it since Black Friday.  You really only get one month to listen to some seriously great music. You have to make the most of it!  So I just wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas albums with you…

  • Relient K:  Let It Snow, Baby… Let It Reindeer
  • Josh Groban: Noel
  • Point of Grace: Christmas Story
  • Frank Sinatra: A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

Some wonderful Christmas tunes there!  If you haven’t heard them, check it out!

5.  Christmas gifting is the best!  I’ve got all my Christmas gifts, and I cannot wait to give them!  It so fun to be able to pick a gift for someone special and to see their face when they open it.  I just love it.  This year, Dan and I are doing something different.  We have created our own 12 Days of Christmas.  For 11 days we have each picked out some little gift to give each other.  Useful things, silly things, dollar store things… On day 12 we will have a more substantial gift to give.  We’ve both gotten really into it, and can’t wait to share our gifts!  We’ll be starting on Sunday… so, I am sure I will have an update for you on our 12 Days of Christmas!


Let the gifting begin!


That’s it! Happy Friday, guys! Have a wonderful weekend!



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