Favorite Five Friday (16th Edition)

14 Dec

It’s been a great week! Cue the highlight reel:

Favorite Five Friday

1.  More awesome craftiness! On Sunday, Leah and I spent the afternoon working on some fun crafts and watching Little Women. It was a wonderful, cozy afternoon! (More to come on all my projects)

2.  12 Days of Christmas with Dan has been so much fun! We’ve had a great time spoiling each other and finding creative ways to give. Today was day 6… We are half way through. I’ll dedicate a post to our 12 Days once we reach the end! 🙂

3.  Spending time talking with friends is one of my favorite things, and often makes my list.  This week was extra special! Some of my best  girlfriends in Nashville were having a Christmas get together this week. They were so thoughtful to include me! They brought me in via Skype and set the phone on a chair facing them. I could see them all as if I was actually sitting in that chair hanging out with my friends. It was so wonderful! We all got to chat and carry on our typical girl’s night conversations… it was almost as good as being there. I just wish I could have hugged every one of them. I am so thankful for my friends, and I couldn’t imagine life without them. Near or far… They’re the best.

4.  Voxer. It’s a phone app and it’s awesome. Basically, it’s like a walkie talkie. You hold a button, record a message, and it shows up on the other person’s phone. You can talk back and forth in real time or leave it as a message. It’s quicker than Voicemail and texting. Plus, it’s fun to hear the other person’s voice. I’ve loved “voxing” with my mom and Dan all week. Check it out!

5.  Tuesday is often date day for Dan and me. We decided to head to Universal Studios for a few hours this Tuesday to check out Grinchmas. The decorations were fun and the rides were great as usual. It was especially nice because the park was pretty much empty. It was a wonderful way to spend the day!




That’s all she wrote! Next week FFF will be coming to you from Salt Lake City!    I cannot wait to spend Christmas with my family!

Happy Friday!


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