Favorite Five Friday (17th Edition)

21 Dec

Hiya! I’m making this short and sweet because I am home for the holidays, and I want to spend as much time as possible loving on my friends and family. 🙂  Here we go:


1.  Obviously… I am home for Christmas!  There is nothing better than spending the holidays with the ones you love.  I couldn’t be happier to be home!

2.  We saw The Hobbit this week, and it was awesome!  Not a whole lot needs to be said… if you are a Lord of The Rings/ Fantasy fan… do yourself a favor, and go see it!  It was a lot of fun.

3.  My parents are both teachers, and at Christmas time they would both come home with stacks on goodies from their students.  I always thought it was so fun to see and share the gifts they received.  Well, now I am a teacher!  And I received a few gifts of my own this week.  It made my heart happy to know I had affected a child’s life and they wanted to share their holiday spirit with me. What a good feeling.

4.  Speaking of work, it is nice to have a little time off to rest, relax, and recuperate!

5.  Our 12 Days of Christmas was a smashing success!! We had so much fun.  This could be a tradition we hang onto for years to come. You can check out my earlier post and read all about it.   🙂

That’s all she wrote!  Merry Friday and Happy Christmas everyone!


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