Bring it on, 2013!

4 Jan

Another year has come and gone… I truly can’t believe it.  2012 was a great year, and I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reflecting on what happened, what didn’t happen, and where to go from here.  I always like to look back on where I’ve come from… it sort of clears my head in terms of figuring out what is next. What do I want most.  So, here’s a look at the happenings of 2012.

  • We had a fabulous time ringing in 2012 at Chaffin’s Barn with wonderful friends and high hopes.
  • We took a fun trip to Pennsylvania to visit family.
  • I went to Salt Lake to be in one of oldest and best friends weddings.
  • Dan and I got to be in the wedding uniting our best friends, Christy and Steven.
  • We said tearful good-byes to our incredible friends, packed up, and moved across the country.
  • We became California residents.
  • We celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary.
  • I started a blog. And kept up with it!
  • I braved the freeways of Los Angeles.
  • We explored California together (and with Heather)!
  • We both found jobs in California.
  • We both experienced being extras on the set of television shows.
  • I got to cross going to Disneyland at Halloween and Christmas off my bucket list (But you better believe I’ll do it again)!
  • We spent Thanksgiving with some of my Dad’s side of the family, and they met Dan for the first time.
  • For the first time since I can remember, I went an entire year without being on stage. Without acting in general. (ouch).
  • We have lived in California for 6 months. HALF A YEAR!
  • We spent Christmas in Salt Lake City with my family and had a wonderful time.
  • We rang in 2013 with high hopes for the year to come!

2012, it’s been real, but 2013, I am so ready for you!

I was going to say I’m not really one to make resolutions, but who am I kidding?  I am exactly that person.  I love setting goals almost as much as I love to achieve them.  I won’t look at them as failures if they are not reached, but here are some goals for the next year (not necessarily in order of importance… just how I am spitting them out):

  • Join an acting studio/take acting classes.
  • Sign up for LA Casting.
  • Submit to agencies and seek representation.
  • Go to as many auditions as possible!
  • Look for places to do theatre.
  • Find a home church.
  • Make friends, start creating a community.
  • Continue blogging.
  • Complete my 101 goals in 1001 days so I can get started!
  • Continue to date my husband.
  • Stay active.
  • Remember to take care of myself.

There’s a basic list!  My “mantra” for this year is going to be, “Do the things that scare you.”  I know those are always the things that end up being the most worthwhile.  Here’s to a fabulous year… 2013, bring it!



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