Favorite Five Free-for-all!

27 Jan

Okay, so… Like I said in my most recent post, my life is kind of upside down right now!  I’ve missed a couple of Favorite Five Friday posts because of family visits and simply forgetting what day of the week it was… Well, now here I am and I don’t want to wait to post until Friday.  So, I am offering up a Favorite Five Free-for-all!  Here’s a look at the top five things that have been happening in my life for the last couple weeks:


1.  My family came to visit us on the Golden Coast!  I know they were glad to see us, but honestly, I think they were more excited to see some sunshine and spend a weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth! (Who can blame them?)  We all got to stay at the Grand Californian (the hotel that’s pretty much in California Adventure) thanks to my aunt’s sweet Disney Vacation Club hook-ups.  Seriously, what a gorgeous (and convenient) place to stay! (Thanks Jill!!)  We spent three fabulous days at Disneyland and California Adventure.  Dan and I were super excited to use our brand spankin’ new Annual Passes!  Needless to say, it was a magical weekend.  My family and Disney are two of my favorite things… it doesn’t get much better than putting the two of them together!


this adorable girl


All the ladies with Rapunzel and Flynn!


We Found Club 33! (Making a mental note to add going in there to my Bucket List)


My Family 🙂

2.  We are movie collectors.  We might have too many movies (as if that were possible).  My husband and I both suffer from this horrible illness that makes us buy movies all the time.  Because of this, we raided many a Blockbuster and Hollywood Video when they were going out of business.  We bought tons of cheap movies and it was awesome.  However, we now have tons of movies that we have not seen. We always mean to watch them, but it never seems to happen.  So, for the new year, Dan and I came up with 52 movies (one per week) that one or both of us have not seen that we will watch together.  I’m really excited about this project! Sometime soon I’ll post a list of our movies on here and cross them off as we go. 🙂

3.  I am back in acting class!  I just started taking class at Carter Thor Studio and I already feel a little more like myself.  Not being in the acting world was seriously dimming my spark… even when I didn’t realize it.  It’s just so much a part of me.   My first scene is from Rachel Getting Married and my scene partner is great!  I can’t wait to get up there and work.

4.  I am now jobless.  Quitting my job at My Gym was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.  I miss the kids and my co-workers a lot, but I know it was the right thing to do.  This week I got to have a last hoorah with my My Gym family at our staff party! (They were kind enough to invite me to come even though I was leaving). I had a wonderful time hanging out, chatting, and relaxing with the great people I’ve worked with for the last six months.  We also got a little crazy and played laser tag… I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself. I’m normally horrible at games that require that kind of coordination, but the scoreboard at the end said that I was in the top 5 players in the game.  Not too shabby. 😉  It was a great way to go out, and I’m so thankful for the time I spent as part of My Gym Encino.

5.  I’ve been out and about Los Angeles auditioning. YES!  I registered for LA Casting (You can submit yourself for various projects) and I’ve gotten called in for some auditions.  I’m feeling a little bit rusty, but I may be making up for it in enthusiasm. Next, I will be seeking some kind of representation.  I am thrilled to be out there trying to get experience and exposure.  I am an actor.

There it is… can’t wait to see what this week brings! 🙂

Bonus Picture:

We're Pretty Princesses.

We’re Pretty Princesses.


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