Favorite Five Friday (19th Edition)

1 Feb

Heya!  Another week gone by… it’s been a pretty good one.  Here’s a look at the best moments!


1.  I did some background work on Vegas this week.  It was a very long 15 hour day that began with a 4:30 am call time. Oof.  That one hurt.  By the time I got home, I practically fell into bed. But… It was actually a really fun day!  I met some cool people and learned a lot.  Being background is not a glamorous job by any means, but it’s a way to make some money, get some on-set experience, and be behind the scenes of some cool shows.  I’m glad for the opportunity!  Plus, I got to be a super awesome space girl.

Space Girls are the coolest girls.

Space Girls are the coolest girls.


2.  We had Leah and her husband, Matt, over for dinner and game night this week.  It was a great time chatting, relaxing, and trying to one-up each other at Loaded Questions.  It’s nice to have friends to call and people to play with!  (Also, Leah and I discovered that tacos and sparkling red wine aren’t the best pair for your palate… haha.) Fun night with fun people.

3.  I have been marathon watching Grey’s Anatomy for the last month or so.  I just like to have something going on in the background when I’m crafting, web surfing, working out, etc.  I have a special attachment to Grey’s – it’s the first show where I watched the pilot when it premiered and continued watching throughout the run of the series.  It’s still one of my favorites and I am enjoying watching it all again.

4.  I’ve been auditioning this week, and it’s been great.  It feels good just to get back out there and to be practicing my craft.  I’ve had the moment from Moulin Rouge where Nicole Kidman sighs and says, “a real actress,” running through my head all week.  😉  I haven’t heard back about anything yet, but I’m just glad for the opportunities that I’ve had.  Now, I am seeking out all the possibilities I can.  Next up, finding some representation!

5.  My adorable niece celebrated her 6th birthday this week!  Man, I love this girl!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!


That’s all I’ve got! Looking forward to more fun and exciting things happening this week – whatever they may be!

Happy Friday!


2 Responses to “Favorite Five Friday (19th Edition)”

  1. Elise Frederickson February 1, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    You make a fantastic space girl!

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