Favorite Five Friday (31st Edition)

24 May

Friday is almost over and this week is winding down.  Exciting things have happened and more thrilling adventures are on the way…


1.  After weeks of training, I passed the final test.  I am an official Universal Studios Tour Guide.  My first tour will be tomorrow morning, and I am feeling anxious and excited.  Send prayers and happy thoughts my way!


2.  The tour guide training class was invited to the red carpet premiere of Fast & Furious 6.  Of course, I had to go!  It was a goal on my 101 in 1001 list and the Fast & Furious movies are just kind of awesome.  Dan got to come with me and we had the most wonderful time!  It was a fantastic way to relax and celebrate after passing my tour guide exam.  My new goal:  Attend a premiere for a movie I am in.

Fast & Furious 6 Premiere

3.  Double Date with Matt and Leah + Frozen Yogurt = Too Much Awesome to Handle (almost). It’s so nice to have friends to spend time with… especially the kind of friends you can just meet up last-minute at Yogurtland.  They’re pretty great.

4. I made these this week…



They are delicious chocolate donut holes (Thanks for the donut mix and donut hole maker, Grandma!) with frosting drizzled on them.  Yep, drizzled… I am fancy.  They were ridiculously good, and I am ashamed not ashamed to say I devoured at least half of those.

5.  I finally got to feel a bit more normal this week.  Not so much studying and panicking about tour guide stuff.  I got to catch up on my blog, meet up with friends, clean my apartment, and go on multiple dates with my handsome husband.  It was great to feel like a real person again.

Fantastic week!  I cannot wait to see what awaits me in the next few weeks to come…

Happy Friday and Have a Fabulous Weekend!


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