13 Jul

I have certainly been missing because of all the action happening in my life!  It’s been THREE weeks since I last posted on my blog, and I’ve missed it.  There has hardly been a spare moment since summer began.  I have been dying to share some of the fun things I’ve been doing!  So, here’s my update:

1.  I finished two more 101-in-1001 goals!

  •  Leah and I hiked to the Hollywood sign last month.  It was a great work out, and a lot of fun.  I loved seeing the sign up close.


  • Dan and I drove down the PCH to San Diego!  We created our own little route, and we made sure to drive by all the best views.  It was a really great adventure!


2.  My family came to California to visit!  We had a blast in San Diego visiting Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, The Safari Park, and (Macenna’s favorite) the pool.  Then they came up to L.A. to check out our new apartment, eat at many delicious restaurants, and. of course, take my tour at Universal.  It was a great week, and I miss them already!

DSCF4107 DSCF4109 DSCF4113 DSCF4118 965286_10151685859003641_940705765_o 1013913_10151514603963951_43240403_n 993041_10151519750458951_485031988_n

3.  My super spunky, sassy, and fun friend Leah is the best.  We have fun whether we’re sipping wine, eating popcorn, and watching Josie and the Pussycats OR putting on strange outfits, climbing trees, splashing through creeks, and taking fabulous photos.  Leah took a ridiculous amount of amazing photos over the last few weeks (including my new headshots).  She is one talented lady.

1025433_10100130540737935_1653010662_o 1052736_10100130540867675_655390486_o 1053517_10100130541261885_824635716_o 1026200_10100130540982445_729953696_o 1049224_10100130541187035_1214783500_o 1074661_10100142751352765_2060622106_o 1049021_10100135255269975_1587931379_o4.  Working at Universal is wonderful!  I got busy much quicker than I had anticipated.  Currently, you can catch me tour guiding on the trams or welcoming guests as an MC  five days a week!  I’m enjoying my wonderful co-workers and the new relationships I’m building.  And on top of all of that, I also got to join the 6 week acting class that the guides get to take part in!  I’m so excited to be taking class with Shari Shaw for the next month and a half.  It’s going to be a great summer!


5.  I would NEVER make it through my days without the support of my ridiculously awesome, super handsome husband.  Seriously, guys.  He’s always there to make me laugh, push me when I need to get going, and let me fall apart when I need to.   He makes me breakfast while I get ready in the morning.  When we work out together, he runs slower so I can keep up.  He meets me at tour guide gatherings and immediately becomes everyone’s favorite person.  I am ridiculously lucky that he’s mine. 🙂  We’ve had a blast together the last couple weeks traveling to San Diego, watching endless episodes of New Girl (I mean, until the last episode of season 2), seeing Despicable Me 2 in a fancy Universal Screening room, getting way too much candy from the vending machine in our apartment at 11PM, and just spending time together. 🙂


Welcome to my life for the last three weeks!  It’s a pretty good one. 🙂  I think I’ll keep it.


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