The Art of Catching Up

22 Jul

I’ve been doing a lot of Acting Up so I’m also having to learn the art of Catching Up.  For about a month I haven’t been able to arrange enough time for myself to write my weekly Favorite Five Friday post.  So, I am really busy.  And I am loving it.  But I need to work on my time management skills.  It’s been a while since I’ve been this busy.  It’s taking my brain some time to remember how to function this way… so stick with me!  Until I can learn to prioritize and manage my time more wisely, I am playing catch up.  I still want to share the best parts of my week… So, let’s pretend it’s Friday (because who wants it to be Monday, am I right?)!

1.  My wonderful women’s group with my mentor, Alison, is one of the highlights of my week!  I love listening to these amazing ladies and hearing their stories.  I feel so uplifted and encouraged by them and their support of me and my journey.  I feel so much closer to my dreams.

2.  Dano and I got to go to a screening for a new movie and be part of a focus group.  I can’t really share anything about it, but it was a really fun experience.  I am so enjoying learning more about how the film industry works and viewing it at all levels.

3.  The lovely Leah had a birthday this week!  We got to celebrate at a 1920’s style speakeasy in downtown Hollywood – seriously, password to get in and all.  It was fantastic.  We finished the night with yummy dessert at Mel’s.  Leah, I’m glad you were born! (And we have our first non-photoshoot photo together!)



4.  Two acting classes with Shari Shaw this week!  We’ve been focusing on comedy, and I have been instructed to let my quirkiness show.  World, you have been warned.  😉  Learning, learning, learning.

5.  Friends.  Love ’em.  From cross-country phone calls to late night karaoke.  I am thankful for my friends near and far.  I feel so lucky.  🙂

There we go – I feel all caught up now. 🙂  Happy Friday (we can still pretend) to you!  Enjoy your week, beautiful people!


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