Favorite Five Friday (36th Edition)

16 Aug

It’s here… And coming to you from my phone. We shall see how this goes!


1. I got my hair cut! About five inches off the bottom. I am very attached to my long hair, but I keep hearing that it can be distracting. After being told I would be more marketable with a little less length, I decided it was time. It’s still long, but it feels short to me. I’m liking it 🙂

The longest my hair has ever been!

The longest my hair has ever been!


545199_10151622776284952_1547460790_n2. This week I got to go see the show Dan has been working on for the last couple months. I can’t explain how good it was to see him back on stage and in his element. Y’all, my husband is an extremely talented actor. It was also great to see my very talented brother-in-law up on stage as well. What gifted family I have!

3. I finished my six week acting class on Wednesday. It was good to be back in a training environment. I’ve missed it, and it just solidified my feeling that staying in class is extremely important. I have every intention of joining a new acting studio.

4. After a couple weeks apart, I was reunited with Leah! We had an adventure looking for pallets for Leah’s pallet couch. It was so nice to catch up and relax with a good friend.

5. Breaking Bad is back to finish the series! I am crushed knowing it’s coming to an end, but I am so excited it’s back on the air!

That’s all she wrote… For now! 😉
Happy Friday!!


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