Favorite Five Friday (38th Edition)

30 Aug

Why hello there!  It’s Friday again… this week has gone by awfully fast.  Here’s what went down this week…


1.  Universal often offers classes and workshops for the guides to take part in.  This week I got to take a Shakespeare Workshop from Terri Power.  It was so fun to get back to my theatre roots, and I really enjoyed working through the material.  Plus. Terri taught us some fabulous vocal warm ups, and this girl needs all the help she can get!

2.  I got cast in a commercial for a new hair product this week!  It was a quick and fun shoot.  I loved being on set, and it feels so good to book some work.  Now, let’s keep this up!

3.  We had a super fun pool day with some of my co-workers this week!  It was so nice to hang out by the pool, grill some burgers, and just relax together.  It’s been a busy summer for all of us, and I think we all needed the chance to unwind.  I seriously love the people I work with.

photo (3) photo (4)


4.  I had an audition for a feature film this week, but I wasn’t able to make it in because of the commercial I booked.  (Good problem to have, I think!)  Fortunately, they were kind enough to let me tape an audition and email it in.  Thank goodness my awesome husband was there to tape me and be my reader.  Thanks babe!

5.  Okay, it sounds super silly to put grocery shopping on my list… but it’s not really just the act of shopping for food.  Since we’ve been married, Dan and I have always gone to the store together.  It’s just kind of our shared chore.  I like sharing that time with him, planning our meals, and finding interesting new things to add to our cart.  I am thankful to have a husband who not only will, but also wants to help out with the really basic things.  (Did I mention he does our laundry?!  How lucky am I?) 🙂

There it is!  On Friday and all.  Have a fabulous weekend, y’all!


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