Favorite Five Friday (39th Edition)

6 Sep

Hello!  So, here is how the week went down…


1.  So, peak season is over at Universal, and I find myself with quite a bit of time off.  Not necessarily a good thing, but this week it meant that Dan and I got to go try a new church.  We chose Oasis Church after hearing some positive things about it.  We really enjoyed the music, the message, and the overall vibe of the church and the people.  I think that Oasis might be getting another visit from us soon.

2.  Disneyland.  I know, I know.  I feel like I put Disneyland in my FFF every other week (at least)!  But seriously, Disneyland is always an event!  How would I not put it on my list?!  It was an unexpected trip this time around, but we got to go spend the evening with the Lowder’s to celebrate Paul, Kyla, and Phin’s birthdays.  Experiencing Disneyland with a three-year old who has never been is like seeing all the magic for the first time.

photo (5)

Hiding from the paparazzi while waiting in line.

photo (6)

Line photos

photo (7)

Can’t wait for Nightmare Before Christmas to take over the Haunted Mansion!

photo (8)

Those crazy Lowders

photo (9)

Kyra 🙂

photo (10)

Silly boys

3.  Dan and I got to do a little photo shoot with my friend/co-worker, Kale.  He takes some seriously awesome pictures, and we had a lot of fun!

D+J_197 D+J_203 D+J_211

4.  We joined a gym!!  Yay for being healthy and fit… my muscles are ridiculously sore as I lay here on my couch typing this…

5.  Play time with Leah!  We drove to Santa Monica and played in the water.  (And took some pictures).  Then her sweet husband made us dinner.  It was a fabulous time, as always.  Love that girl.


Have a lovely weekend, crazy people!



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