Favorite Five Friday (42nd Edition)

11 Oct

Hello, it’s Friday!! Take a look at my week…


1. “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” -Anne of Green Gables….. This is like the motto of my life, but it keeps coming back to me this week. I just love Fall. Even here in Southern California where we don’t experience typical seasons. I still know that it’s October. I can just feel it. Also, it’s on the calendar… But October, for me, is more like a feeling, an experience, a state of mind. It’s one of my happiest feelings.

2. Going to the DMV sucks. Going to the DMV in L.A. is the suckiest. I spent almost the entirety of Tuesday going back and forth to two different DMV’s (apparently some are only for car registration), and it was not fun. It was not my favorite. However, I am choosing to look on the bright side: I got to spend most of the day with my husband, we both passed the written test on the first try, we didn’t have to pay any unexpected fees, and now it’s over. I will call that a win. I guess I am officially a California resident.

3. Dan and I have been watching lots of scary movies in celebration of October. Don’t ask me why, we just like them. We are weird like that. This week we watched the movie most of my childhood nightmare’s sprang from… Child’s Play. That’s right, good ol’ Chuckie. When I was a kid my big brother “made” me watch the Child’s Play movies. (Let’s be serious, I totally wanted to hang out with him) They terrified me, scarred me, and were the reason I stopped playing with dolls. Come to think of it, they could also be the reason I now enjoy being scared. Or I am just a weirdo. Well, I have to admit, I was a little nervous about rewatching it. BUT I’m glad I did because guess what? It’s not scary anymore! Hey, I’m not afraid anymore! Do you hear me? I’m not afraid anymore! (If you read that like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone – you win!). Overcoming childhood fear = Big Deal!

4. I had the opportunity to audit a class and audition for Anthony Meindl this week. He is an actor/director/author/teacher that I have followed for almost a year now. I was so excited to finally meet him. Unfortunately, I was not cast in the Universal showcase. I am definitely disappointed, but I am so thankful for the chance to share my work. I am so inspired by Tony, and I hope I will get to work with him in the future. I feel encouraged to play, take risks, and go all in.

5. If you follow me on Instagram or if we are friends on Facebook, you might have noticed me posting my #OOTD… In other words my “outfit of the day.” I have always loved hair, make-up, jewelry, and clothes… I think style and fashion are fun. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever been good at it. In an effort to try to find my own style and have some fun, I am taking photographic evidence of how I put myself together. I’m really enjoying it so far! Check it out:





Off to another exciting weekend of Halloween Horror nights! Looking forward to a bright new week full of possibilities.



One Response to “Favorite Five Friday (42nd Edition)”

  1. Steph Lauren October 12, 2013 at 12:52 am #

    Love these outfits, I have a top similar to the first stripy one, Love how you styled it!

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