Favorite Five Friday (Birthday Edition)

1 Nov

I’ve been celebrating all week-long! Welcome to…


birthday edition

1.  Shortly before midnight on the eve of my birthday, I was driving home from Halloween Horror Nights. As I turned down my street I spotted vendors selling some kind of food on the corner. I had been driving by these guys for weeks now, and I had been dying to know what they were selling. I arrived home, and in a flurry of birthday excitement I told my husband to put on some shoes. We were going on an adventure! We walked down the street, following an inviting smell wafting in the air. When we arrived at the source, it was too good to be true! Street tacos. Delicious $2 street tacos. We devoured a few tasty tacos and my birthday officially arrived!


2.  Dan had been keeping his plans for my birthday a surprise, and I couldn’t wait to find out what we were doing. It was well worth the wait. We ate at the fabulous Micheli’s restaurant – Italian is my favorite. We got there early (because of the rest of the surprise), and had the entire restaurant to ourselves. It was pretty romantic. The food was wonderful, and the servers sang me a beautiful rendition of happy birthday (apparently they are known for their singing). It was really special. After that we were off to the LA Opera to see Audra McDonald in concert. (Total fan girl moment). This woman is a complete goddess and a musical genius. I was totally mesmerized and inspired by her performance. And I might have cried a time or two. I am not ashamed. We finished off the night with two slices of pie at Republic of Pie. It was a fantastic birthday. My husband is pretty much the best. 🙂



20131101-164743.jpg3.  To celebrate with friends, we went out for drinks and karaoke after work on Sunday.  Always fun to spend time with great friends!


4.  Leah and Matt took me to get some delicious pumpkin pie froyo at Yogurtland. It was the perfect fall/birthday treat.

5.  One of my favorite parts of my birthday every year is the birthday love. Cards, phone calls, texts, Facebook posts, etc. Having friends and family from all over remember you on your day means the world. That outpouring of love is so special to me. Thank you to all my loved ones who reached out to celebrate with me! I love you so.


It was one heck of a birthday, and I am looking forward to a fabulous year!



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