Favorite Five Friday (48th Edition)

21 Dec

So, it’s been a little crazy around here! From being trapped in an airport to giving my first VIP tour, it has been a whirlwind couple weeks. I know, I am still late for Friday, but I wanted to share…


1. I passed my VIP test! And yesterday I gave my first VIP tour! I feel very proud of all the things I have learned – including improving my ability to adapt to unexpected situations. It’s pretty fun to share all of my movie knowledge and to help people to have a truly unique experience at Universal. I feel like I will continually be learning in this job. We shall see what I learn tomorrow! 🙂

2.  Speaking of tomorrow – it is now Grinchmas at work! The Who’s have taken over Universal, and it is a lot of fun. That also means I am spending a lot of time working. Yay for having shifts! I am thrilled to have such a great work family to be spending the season with. Happy Wholidays!!

3.  Sherlock. Guys. Watch this series. Now. I am not joking. Dan and I had such a blast watching through this fantastic BBC series starring a mesmerizing Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character and a spot-on Martin Freeman as his sidekick, Dr. Watson. Each episode is brilliant and witty. The acting is fantastic and the storylines will keep you guessing. I cannot wait for the next season to begin!!

4.  So, I did some traveling last weekend for my college roommate’s wedding. (Yes, this is when I was trapped in the airport, but I made it home and that is what counts!) Kelsey and I lived together until Dan and I got married. She is such an important person in my life, and I am so happy she has found the man she loves. It was such an honor to stand beside her as she said, “I do.” I also got to spend a few days with Kelsey’s wonderful family and my other former roomies – Cammie and Becca. My heart is so full from spending time with people that I love so much. I am so blessed.



5.  Dan and I celebrated a very Disney Christmas this week! To start off our day, we watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol as we ate breakfast snuggled up on the couch. Then we hit the road for Anaheim and the Mouse. It was very crowded in the park – apparently we weren’t the only people looking for some magical holiday cheer. However, we hit all the rides we wanted to do and we ate delicious food. The decorations are beautiful and the lights really make it special. It was a fun day! And, good news! I am being told that Dan and I will be given a Christmas gift that keeps on giving – Disney passes for next year!! Whoo hoo!! Folks, if you are sick of hearing about Disney, just give up on me now. (Please don’t!) Maybe next year we will make some new discoveries at the happiest place on earth.


Happy (okay, I’m lying it is Saturday) Friday!!


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