Favorite Five Friday (51st Edition)

17 Jan

Honestly, I didn’t know what day of the week it was until just a couple of minutes ago.  That is what happens when you are not on a regular work schedule!  Not that I haven’t had some things to do this week!  It’s been a good one…


1.  I have been really anxious about not having steady work because it is off-peak at Universal, but I am seeing the silver lining.  Because I am not working normal hours, I have time to really focus in and work on what I really came to Los Angeles to do – Be an actor!  I’ve kept busy this week: picking head shots, talking with my agency, auditing classes, and putting together a reel.  Dan’s been working too – auditing and going to workshops.  It feels good to be moving forward.  Of course, I still need to find some kind of income… My hope is that it will be through some acting gigs.  🙂

2.  To get me even more pumped up about finding acting work – this week was the Golden Globes!  We had a great time laughing at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s jokes, rooting for our favorite actors, poking fun at some of the lack luster speeches, and trying to guess the winners.  There was a lot of great film and television in 2013!  If you missed the Globes or want to relive it, head on over to my Twitter feed to read up on how it all went down.  (@JoannaHackman)

3.  More photo shoots this week!  Leah, my fabulous friend, brought me in on a photo story concept with fairies.  Lanterns, thorns, and imaginary fairies – It was a lot of fun!  She also snapped a few more photos of me, and helped me put together my new reel.  Needless to say she is wonderful.  The fairy photos are still in the works, but I can’t wait to share! Here are a few of these great shots for now:

DSC_1478 DSC_1550

4.  Watching Oscar screeners and having dinner with friends are two things I should do more often!  Put the two of those together and you have a winning night.  Thanks for hanging out with us, Mikey!

5.  Speaking of friends, we got to have a mini-reunion this week with a few of my favorite Belmont girls.  Kyla was back from Christmas break and Lindsay was here to visit, so we had to make a night of it!  Drinks at Bow&Truss down the street, a trip to some delicious food trucks, and lots of laughs.  These girls are the best!




What a fantastic week.  Here’s to the next!

Happy Friday!


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