Favorite Five Friday (57th Edition)

28 Feb

It’s been a rainy day here in L.A.  I am not a rainy day kind of girl… Gloomy weather sometimes puts me in a funk, and today that funk was not remembering that it was FRIDAY!  I cannot forget…


1.  I really enjoy going hiking, and I’ve made some great friends who enjoy it too.  This week I hit Runyon Canyon with a couple of friends.  The next day I felt like Runyon Canyon had hit me.  See, part of Runyon has these sort of stairs you can climb up or down.  These are not your normal stairs.  There are just pieces of wood set far apart in the rock and dirt of the canyon.  Well, as a girl with short legs, I really had to push all the way from my toes to my glutes to get myself up those stairs.  It was an awesome work out, and a beautiful (SUNNY) day.


2.  Saturday Night Live is a party that started before I was born, and it is still rocking.  Over the years, I’ve seen some episodes and laughed at the sketches that I was told I “had to see.”  I liked SNL, but I was never a real fan – someone who consistently watched the show.  Well, SNL has become my new favorite pastime.  I’ve been devouring episodes of the show from recent years to decades past.  I can’t believe it took me so long to show up to this party.  Considering SNL probably still has years and years of seasons ahead, I will just consider myself fashionably late.

3.  I have met a few more of my 101 in 1001  goals!  One of them was to read 30 books over almost three years.  I knew I was underestimating how much I actually read, but I didn’t know that I’d read 30 books in less than a year.  I feel pretty proud!  One of the last ones I read was Pride and Prejudice.  I have always wanted to read a Jane Austen novel, but I just never got around to it.  I picked P&P because it’s the one I was most familiar with.  I’ve seen multiple movie versions, read other books about it, and played Jane Bennett in college.  I felt that my knowledge of the subject matter would help me with the flowery descriptions.  I really enjoyed reading the language and getting a fuller version of the story.  I was confused by the way Jane Austen would write what topics a conversation between two characters would contain, but not share any real dialogue.  Reading that Mr. Darcy said something completely romantic is much less exciting than reading exactly what Mr. Darcy said.  I don’t know that I will start counting Ms. Austen as a favorite author, but I do intend to give a few more of her books a shot.

4.  The Academy Awards are this weekend!  I am thrilled to have seen all of the nominated films.  What a fantastic year in the entertainment industry.  It will be exciting to see who wins.  I imagine I will be live-tweeting the show.  If you wanna hear my thoughts, go check out my Twitter: @JoannaHackman.  I have a few predictions and some nominees I would really like to win, but I’m also just happy to have seen so many inspiring performances this year.  This is the fuel an aspiring actor needs.

5.  Speaking of being an aspiring actor.  I needed a couple new commercial shots for my agency, and my friend, Kale, helped me out.  He is pretty awesome! Check out some of my favorites:





So, happy Friday to all of you.  I wish you a happy (and sunny) weekend!


One Response to “Favorite Five Friday (57th Edition)”

  1. Samantha Brown March 3, 2014 at 8:28 am #

    Hey Joanna! Was looking for you on FB cuz I had not seen posts in a while, come to find out you disappeared! Thank goodness I have your blog on my “favorites” list 🙂 Glad to see all is well! –Sam

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