Favorite Five Friday (62nd Edition)

4 Apr

Heya! So, I am starting this post with a warning… If you don’t like ridiculously happy things (like Disney and Universal), this post is not for you. If you do, read on, my friend….


1.  I have spent every day of the last week in a theme park. (Truth be told, it’s been more days than that…) Working at Universal and spending time it Disneyland have made up my week. I’m not sad about it. Two of my favorite places! That’s why all I have to say this week revolves around theme parks. 🙂

photo (6)

2.  Some of my family came into town this week! My Grandma, Aunt, and cousin were spending a few days at Disney for Spring Break – so I went down to Anaheim to visit for a few days. Not often I get to spend two days in a row at the happiest place on earth. Especially not with some of my favorite family members.

photo (4) photo (5)

3.  The Grand Californian is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen! I’ve been lucky enough to stay there a few times. I got to spend the night there with my family this week, too. I am always so impressed by that place. I also love that you can get right into California Adventure from there. Whoever thought of that is brilliant.

4.  Dan and I have been waiting for more than a year, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has finally reopened! We were so excited to ride it. I can say that it did not disappoint. It was so much smoother than it used to be. Plus, the ending was super cool. Go ride it!

Mom and me riding Thunder Mountain back in the day...

Mom and me riding Thunder Mountain back in the day…

Excited to ride!

Excited to ride!

5.  We’ve been working on experiencing everything at Disney. All the stores, restaurants, and rides. One of the only things left that I hadn’t done was one of the river boats. We got the perfect opportunity to hop on the Mark Twain this week. We had a great view from the top of the boat… Ship…? The Mark Twain. Haha. We also got to see some adorable baby ducks. I am so glad we finally went!

Dan's Panorama

Dan’s Panorama

It was a great week, and I’m so grateful for the memories made with my family.

Happy Friday!


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