Favorite Five Friday (64th Edition)

26 Apr

Hey! I am still here! I hope you didn’t forget about me. Last week was a whirlwind of Easter and Universal… This meant that I ran out of time to post last week. This week we are in Nashville for a wedding! It’s been a nonstop ride for the last few weeks. Busy and fun – just the way I like it. Here’s a quick (and late) run down of this last week…


1.  We are back in Nashville! This was home for five years, and I have missed it. I have so many wonderful memories that have been playing through my mind as I visit all my favorite places. It’s so refreshing to be here. Just what I needed.


2.  To get to Nashville… We had to take a plane. We decided to take the red eye thinking it would just mean a few more hours to be in Tennessee. Worst idea ever. Our flight was horrible. Please see my twitter feed if you want to hear the airplane haikus I wrote to describe our experience. (I am pretty proud of them.) Ultimately, we made it safely and that’s all that really matters.


3.  We are doing a little couch/guest room surfing while we are in town. It’s the best way to get to spend time with all of our friends. So thankful so many of them are willing to let us stay with them!


4.  I spent a couple years as a nanny to some fabulous kids while we lived in Nashville. Whenever we are in town I have to go see them. I miss those kids like crazy! It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown. I am so lucky to have worked for such an awesome family who still loves me like I am one of their own. They will always have a piece of my heart.

5. Speaking of my heart… I love that over the years there are friends who become family. They make my heart so happy. It’s those people that make up my Nashville. That’s why this will always be a place that I can call home.






I hope your heart is happy this Friday, too!











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