Favorite Five Friday (71st Edition)

20 Jun

Another Friday, another week to share. Thanks for stopping by for…


1.  I am a person who creates chaos. There are so many things that I want to be and do… and I want to do all of them right now. Typically, I am not known as a laid-back, patient kind of person. I like to cross the finish line. Well, I am working on taking my time. I believe it is possible to do all of the things I want, but it can’t all happen at once. A friend told me that I should just work on getting from A to B instead of trying to get from A-XYZ in a single swoop. Baby steps. It’s hard for me, but I am working on it. It’s possible that I will get more done this way, and I might just enjoy doing it.

2.  Summer is here, and I wanted my hair brightened up to match!  Thank to the fabulous Angela at Twist by Oliver salon. She is a rockstar stylist!


3.  I read a funny Buzzfeed article this week called 27 Things People In L.A. Love Talking About. Honestly, it is all pretty much true. I most certainly agree with the hiking one! So, this week I hit one of my favorite trails with my girl Stephanie. It was the perfect morning hike. I can’t lie, it’s pretty great to live in a place where I could hike, hit the beach, and hang out in the city all in one day. I love you, L.A.


4.  My awesome husband passed his the test and has officially joined the ranks as a VIP Tour Guide! He gave his first two VIP tours this week. His guests had a great time, and I know he did too. I am super proud! 🙂

5.  We finished binge-watching Parks and Recreation this week. I am happy and sad at the same time. Seriously, what a great show. I can’t wait to watch the final season when it starts airing this fall. Also, I am officially obsessed with Amy Poehler. She and Tina Fey are two of my heroes… I am fairly certain I will watch, read, devour anything they put out into the world. I’m also feeling a little inspired… I might just have to be brave and try out an improv class. 😉

photo (4)

Have a great weekend, y’all! I hope your summer is starting off right! 


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