Favorite Five Friday (75th Edition)

27 Jul

Well, it happened again. I am posting late. I’m sure you are not surprised. Summer is the busiest time at Universal, and that means it is the busiest time for me! Unfortunately, work and sleep end up taking priority over blogging, but I did have time for a little fun this week…


1.  Living next to a park is great. Dan can go for a run, we can have a picnic, and it’s pretty scenery for a walk. Our park has also started showing movies! A couple of weeks ago we got to watch Jurassic Park out there. This last week we got to hang out with our Universal buddies in the park while we watched Back to the Future. I love getting to see our backlot up on screen. I can’t believe that I get to see the sets from Back to the Future on practically a daily basis. Film history is such a cool thing. 🙂

picstitch (1)

2.  Sometimes at VIP we do “buddy tours.” Basically two guides join their tours together while they visit the back lot. It is a ton fun. This week Dan and I did our first buddy tour! The Hackman Squared tour was pretty awesome. My husband is a great guide! I was so proud. 🙂 Out guests really enjoyed themselves. We didn’t announce to them that we were married, but a couple of them ended up finding out. It was a great time, and I can’t wait til we get to do another!


3.  We are so lucky to have made some fantastic friends out here in L.A. Whether we are playing games, helping each other move, working together, or just hanging out – we always have a good time. This week we got scared together by seeing The Purge: Anarchy. It was creepy and fun. (More Universal sets on screen!) I think we are officially ready for Halloween Horror Nights.

4.  Dan and I have been taking a break from binge-watching TV shows so we could watch some must-see movies. Now, I have seen theses films earlier in my life, but it has been a long time. So, we have been watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy (the 4th one doesn’t count), the Jurassic Park movies, half of the Star Wars films thus far… We want to finish Star Wars, hit the last two in the Back to the Future Trilogy, and move on to some of AFI’s top 100. I love hanging out with my husband and watching awesome movies together.

I think there is more to write on this topic at a later date...

I think there is more to write on this topic at a later date…

5.  This is my 75th Favorite Five Friday post! They are not always consistent or on time, but I have made it pretty far. Now I am starting to think about making some changes once I reach 100! I’ve got several weeks before then, but stay tuned! 😀

Enjoy the precious time left in your weekend, and have a fabulous week!


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