Favorite Five Friday (77th Edition)

8 Aug

It’s Friday! And I am actually posting! What a week it has been…



1.  There is something so special about handwritten cards. The women in my family have always been so good at holiday cards, thank you cards, just a little note here and there. I can’t remember a day of Elementary School that my lunch did not come with a note from my mom. When I was on tour for months at a time, I knew I could look forward to letters waiting for me in many of the places we performed.  Well, not only does my grandma hand write her cards, she also hand makes them! She also got me on this little DIY kick. Making cards is a lot of fun! This is the much-needed one she sent me this week:

photo (3)

2.  I got to go to a fun on-camera workshop this week with the fabulous Shari Shaw and Keith Andreen. Shari worked with the Guides at Universal last summer, and this year she came back with an awesome camera man. It was a fun way to work on scenes, and I am looking forward to getting to check out the tape later. This is also a great introduction, as Shari will be directing the upcoming Studio Guide Showcase that I’m auditioning for at the end of the month!

3.  Guardians of the Galaxy came out this week! We went on a triple date with our pals to see it in Prime, and now we never want to see a movie another way again. Not only was it in IMAX 3D… we also sat in cushy reclining chairs that each had their own subwoofer underneath. Prime definitely made it a whole experience. Man, I love going to the movies. And, of course, Guardians was awesome.

10525670_10152339185724952_7184433296294666601_n (1)

photo (4)

4.  I got new glasses this week! I love them. If you know me, you know I have a thing about red sun glasses. So, I decided some red-ish glasses would be appropriate as well.

Kat Tuohy Photography

Kat Tuohy Photography

5.  Well, that photo was my intro into my next topic… I recently got advice from my agents and some wonderful casting directors about getting new head shots.  They wanted a couple different looks and vibes that I was missing.  A fabulous photographer was highly recommended to me, and once I saw her photos, I knew that I needed to shoot with her. Kat Tuohy is a genius, and I am in love with the photos she took. Here is a sneak peek at my head shot shoot:

Kat Tuohy Photography

Kat Tuohy Photography

What a lovely week! I hope yours was wonderful, too.

Happy Weekend, All!


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