Favorite Five Friday (79th Edition)

22 Aug

Hey, Friday. You’re lookin’ good…


1.  One of our dear friends was in town this week, and we got the chance to meet up with her for a few hours. She was staying in Hollywood so got to eat breakfast with her at the fabulous Roosevelt Hotel. The 25 Degree restaurant there is amazing. It was so lovely to have a relaxing breakfast and the opportunity to reunite with a friend. Thank you, Miss Trina! What a refreshing morning. 🙂 (The photo is a bit grainy, but still cute!)


2.  The Universal Tour Guide Showcase auditions were this week, and I had a really great time. My scene partner and I picked an awesome scene. I feel like we really created some fun an interesting moments. Our audition went really well, and I left feeling very proud of what I did. Unfortunately, I did not get cast in the showcase this year. Of course, I am disappointed, but I feel like I am learning to bounce back from that faster. You have to develop a tough skin to work in this industry – while somehow still remaining vulnerable. It’s an interesting dynamic, but it’s one I am working on. I feel great about my audition, and I am just going to keep plugging away. I can’t wait to see my fellow guides in action at the showcase this fall!

3.  I have been craving a beach day all summer! We don’t get to go too often. (Plus, my husband gets burned pretty quickly so it’s not always high on his list). Well, we finally had a day to go and it was perfect. We walked in the sand, sat in the sun, played on the monkey bars, and are ice cream! There is something so amazing about being by the ocean. It’s simultaneously calming and thrilling. Maybe that’s just me? I am just a huge fan of that atmosphere. I’m dreaming of a day where maybe I will have the chance to live right next to the beach. But being close is good enough for now.



4.  Some friends of ours who are fellow Nashville transplants live in Downtown Los Angeles. The mileage isn’t too far, but the traffic is terrible. Basically this means we don’t get to see them very often. Well, they just moved to a new place so we got to go check it out this week. One of my favorite parts of this week was eating dinner in their cute little bungalow and catching up on each other’s lives. It feels like a little piece of our Nashville home is with us when we are with them. Plus, I love this little man…



5.  I’ve had several people going through all of my fabulous headshots and helping me choose which ones I should use. Kat Tuohy took so many fantastic pictures that it is hard to pick! Soon I will post my selections, but I came across this little outtake and thought it would be fun to share…



Enjoy your weekend, friends! You deserve it. 🙂


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