Favorite Five Friday (80th Edition)

29 Aug

Summer is officially winding down… I wish the heat would cool it, too. (See what I did there? 😉 haha) It has been a hot one. Check out this week…


1.  Dan and I are going through a down-sizing phase. We are getting rid of clutter and things we don’t need. He has decided to attack our wall of DVDs. We love movies, and we love to collect them. We have bought many an inexpensive DVD at going out of business sales. A terrible habit began where we would buy movies that we had never seen. They would sound interesting or star actors we like, but we would buy them without even knowing if they were good. Well, over the years we have discovered that most of them either A) Weren’t good or B) We didn’t care enough to find out. So, we are diving into some of the movies we are on the fence about to make up our minds. It’s been fun to have so many movie nights. Plus, it feels great to get rid of things we don’t need.

2.  Having couple friends is a ridiculous amount of fun. I mean, having friends at all is awesome. But having friends that are also in a relationship is pretty neat. There is always some common ground to share. Times spent with these friends are some of my favorites these days.

3.  This sweet moment that happened this week:

photo (1)

4.  I’ve been reminiscing about my touring days… So many wonderful moments and memories. I will be forever thankful for the places I saw, the people I met, the friends I made, and the impact those tours had on my life.


5.  Disneyland has been calling our names for several weeks now. We haven’t been able to make it down to Anaheim very much during the Summer of Mayhem. We finally got to go visit the Mouse this week, and it felt so good to be back! I know you’ve all missed my Disney posts so here’s a few photos 😉 ….


Dan was pretty cute when he got to meet Cap.

Dan was pretty cute when he got to meet Cap.

Happy Weekend to One and All!


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