Favorite Five Friday (81st Edition)

4 Sep

Another week, another post! It’s time for…


1.  I know a lot of people do a pretty extensive spring cleaning. Well, we just decided it was time for a serious fall cleaning. Dan and I have de-cluttered and parted ways with all kinds of items we no longer need. A mix of books, movies, clothing, household items, etc. we just decided to pare down to things we really want. Life is too short to watch bad movies and read boring books. That is our new philosophy. So, we are donating and selling tons of stuff! We also scrubbed our apartment from top to bottom. It feels so good to have a clean and organized apartment. It makes me feel like I can take on anything.

2.  Summer came to and end, and the Studio Tour said see-ya in style. We had a delicious Labor Day feast prepared by the folks at Lucille’s BBQ. It was so nice to relax and eat awesome food with the best co-workers around.



3.  Speaking of my co-workers, this week a group of us took a trip through Universal’s House of Horrors to pay our respects to the haunted maze before they closed the doors for good. We had a screaming good time! 😉


Then Dan and I had to go one more time just for good measure…


Rest in Peace House of Horrors.

4.  These days I am doing a lot of travel dreaming. I used to spend so much time traveling that staying in one place sounded perfect. Well, now it’s been long enough that I am dying to go out and see more of the world. There are still so many places I haven’t been. Plus, Dan and I haven’t taken a real vacation since our Honeymoon! It’s about time we go somewhere… I’ve got big plans.


5.  I just finished read The Maze Runner by James Dashner. It was recommended by my mom and Dan. It was about time I read it! It’s a pretty compelling story with some interesting characters. I can’t wait to see the movie and to read the next four books in the series.

Happy Friday to you! Enjoy the weekend, folks!


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