Favorite Five Friday (86th Edition)

10 Oct

Friday again?! That arrived quickly. I’m not totally sure where my week went, but this might help me figure it out…


1.  Halloween Horror Nights 2014 is in FULL swing. We are about half way through, and I’m pretty sure it has taken over my life. I have so much respect for people the work nights on a regular basis. I just don’t know how they do it! I’m having a hard time not sleeping my days away… or just snuggling up on the couch for some Fall TV or scary movies. But I also know that I need the rest… so, I’m trying to relax and enjoy. This is my favorite time of year, after all! HHN has been a lot of fun thus far – I love getting to do so many jobs! At VIP I could be greeting people in reception, giving a tour, and helping to track the vehicles coming and going – all in ONE night! Every night is something new, and that is what keeps it exciting. Plus, you can’t beat that Horror Nights atmosphere… mischief in the air, screams and laughter, adrenaline pumping… it’s definitely a good time. A few more weekends to go, so c’mon and visit us at Universal Studios Hollywood… if you dare! (Muahahaha!)

2.  Tori had a birthday, and we got to celebrate her with a trip to Malibu and a night of laughter. Such a good day.



3.  Dan and I have been waiting and waiting for Gone Girl to come out. We were both completely enthralled with the novel by Gillian Flynn, we love pretty much everything David Fincher puts his hands on, and we couldn’t wait to see what Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike would do with Nick and Amy. We were not disappointed! Almost a week later and I am still pondering that movie. It’s such an interesting, twisted story. The characters are so fascinating to read, to watch. I really enjoyed the film… both as a fan of the book and a movie-goer. They were so true to the book (maybe to a fault, but I didn’t mind), the casting was spot on (Thank you, Laray Mayfield!), and Fincher added in his own unique style. Personally, I think Affleck was perfect for Nick. It might be the best thing he has ever done. I am also such a fan of Pike’s work (Pride and Prejudice, An Education), and it was incredible to see her take on a completely different role. She nailed it, and I can’t wait to see what she will do next! If you want to see something dark and intriguing… check it out!

4.  Watched a couple scary movies I had never seen: Friday the 13th (The Original), Oculus, and The Conjuring. It was a great mix… campy/classic, mind-bender, and absolutely terrifying. I don’t really know why I enjoy being scared, but I do… I guess I’m just weird that way. 😉 Still glad I had my cute husband sitting next to me… and my blanket so I could cover my face when it was too scary. Bring on more scary movies!

5.  One of my most favorite people does not enjoy getting scared, but she would let herself for me. 🙂 I love going to haunted houses for my birthday (October Baby), and my sweet best friend forced herself into coming multiple times. That is love. We now have long distance best friendship. So, no haunted houses for her this year, but it makes me happy to know that if she had to… she would go just for me. Love you, Chi Chi!

This is what long distance best friendship looks like.

This is what long distance best friendship looks like.

Have a spook-tacular weekend, Crazies! Happy Fri-YAY!


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