Favorite Five Fail

20 Dec

Guys, I’ve missed two weeks in a row. I’ve been pretty sick and it’s taken a toll on my regular routine. I’m trying to see the good in this life interruption, and that’s what I want to share. Here are a few things I’ve been particularly thankful for in this time…

1. Medicine. When you hurt all over, your head feels like it might split in half, and you don’t know if you are hot or cold… It can be scary. Not knowing what is happening to your body is a terrible feeling. I’m thankful that we have medicine to cure so many of our problems. Medicine is helping me get better one day at a time.

2. My awesome husband. Dan has taken such good care of me while I’ve been under the weather. He’s carted me back and forth to the doctor and made sure that I knew I was not in this alone. He helped me keep my sanity by making sure out apartment was clean, doing dishes and laundry, taking care of all the little details. Having such an amazing partner makes the toughest times brighter. I’m so glad he is on my team.

3. Comfort foods. There hasn’t been much that I’ve wanted or been able to eat. I feel like I’m five again because all I’ve been eating is oatmeal, soup, crackers, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and PB&J. Have you ever had an uncrustable?? Oh my gosh. Go eat one now! I definitely couldn’t eat like this all the time, but I’m glad to have the option for a little while.

4. Caring friends and family. I’m so grateful for all the people who have been checking up on me and making sure I am surviving. Having the support of loved ones makes it all so much easier.

5. My regularly healthy body. I so often take for granted that I have a healthy, strong body that can move, run, and dance. I didn’t realize what an outlet and source of energy exercise was for me until I couldn’t do it. I feel like having this break has helped me get my head back into the right space. I know how important physical activity, rest, and the right foods are. I want to focus on keeping my body as healthy as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out and shared a kind word. I am on my way back to being healthy! Mostly, I am ready for the holidays! I hope you are too. Sometimes life throws something unexpected your way and you have to slow down for a minute, take a look around, and begin again. Sometimes these experiences are exactly what you need. I know I did. Slow down and enjoy every moment.


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