Favorite Five Friday (97th Edition)

16 Jan

It’s been a really lovely week. Warm weather, sunshine, and sweet words from people in my life. Gonna keep this one light and breezy…


1.  This has been my phrase of the week. Don’t be afraid to leave the comfort of the good behind and reach for more. Get uncomfortable. Be great.

FullSizeRender (9)

2.  Timehop is an awesome app. I love being reminded of updates and moments that haven’t crossed my mind in years. This one showed up in my feed and pretty much made my week:


Kids see everything. I am just as flattered now by what he saw in me as I was then. I’m going to do my best to live up to that. I am a magic girl.

3.  I had my first audition of 2015! I went in feeling fearless and ready. Someone is going to get that job. So, why not me?! #NoFear15

4.  I had a shift at Universal this week helping out on a film shoot. It was an early call, and I was exhausted! But all that tiredness evaporated when I got to see the sunrise over my favorite view in all of Los Angeles. That moment took my breath away. After that, I was certainly awake and I was definitely alive.



5.  It’s awards season! I love this time of year. This week we watched the Golden Globes (You go, Tina and Amy!) and saw the live stream announcement of Oscar nominations. Now, we are just trying to get caught up on all the nominated films. I love being immersed in all of the brilliant performances, moving scripts, and powerful on-screen moments. It just gets me so excited about this industry, and makes me want to work harder to become a part of it. One of my favorite parts is the speeches the winners give. Good and bad, stoic and ugly cry, articulate and total gibberish… Everyone has their own unique style. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I were in that situation. (Although, I’m pretty sure it would start with pulling a JLaw and end with an ugly cry…) I have so much respect for each of these artists, and I am thankful for the inspiration. Best of luck to all the nominees!

That’s all for now! Happy Friday!


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