Favorite Five Friday (98th Edition)

23 Jan

Happy Friday! This week has been full of excitement and fun…


1.  Dan and I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. He is currently rocking it as the host of The Tonight Show, and we have watched pretty much every episode. (Okay, Dan has seen literally every episode.)  We were thrilled when Jimmy took over as the host, but a little sad that he brought the show back to New York City. Well, he is bringing his fantastic show back to Los Angeles for one week next month. We had been waiting and watching for them to release tickets for those shows, and this week it finally happened. We sat in front of our computer for half and hour before the tickets dropped just refreshing the browser over and over. (It was just like registering for classes in college.) Then, our moment arrived. We were put through to select our date and reserve seats. A couple stressful minutes later we got our confirmation. We are going to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon!!! I will unashamedly tell you that Dan and I screamed like small children, laughed maniacally, and fell all over ourselves with excitement. Jimmy, I think we are two of your biggest fans, and we can’t wait to see you!


2.  More auditions this week! It’s been exciting and fun. I keep trying to approach each one without fear or doubt. I am just trying to show them me, and hope I am who they are looking for. I just feel like more adventures are coming our way this year. Stay tuned. #NoFear15

3.  Speaking of exciting things, both Dan and I had really great experiences with Casting Directors this week. CDs are some of the hardest working people in this industry. It’s been a privilege to meet several who are doing all they can to help actors they believe in. Sometimes all we need is a leg up, a little push. Thank you for believing in us. You are appreciated!

4.  Daniel Hackman gave in and got an Instagram this week. That’s right. The man who never takes pictures is finally… taking pictures. ANDposting them. I know. It was a shock for me too. If you want to follow that cute, crazy guy, you can find him under @DRHackman.

5.  More Disney time this week! We went with some of our Universal pals and it was such a great day in the parks. Not too crowded and the weather was delicious. One of my favorite parts of living in California will always be my annual pass to The Happiest Place on Earth.



Have a great weekend, everyone!


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