Favorite Five Friday (102nd Edition)

6 Mar

Hey y’all! It has been quite the week, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to be slowing down any time soon. Here is what’s up…


1.  I feel like I’m actually at the age in life where you can have “old friends.” Like the friends you’ve known for a long time. Well, I got to spend time with one of these old friends this week. Elise and I were in choir together throughout high school, and she is probably one of the coolest people I know. If you don’t believe me, you should go check out her blog: elise’s pieces. It’s pretty great. Well, she was in Los Angeles this week so we got to catch up over dinner and it was wonderful. Elise is also a rock star as social media, and she gave me some great ideas about how I can get better at it. I am thankful for “old friends” and the chance to spend time together.


2.  This week I got some very exciting news in the form of a yes I had been hoping for. I recently met with Avalon Artists Group about joining their commercial division. They are a fantastic agency, and I was dying to work with Stephany (head of commercial). Well, it happened. I got the yes! I am so proud to share that I am now represented by Avalon, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team.


3.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of taking an improv class for a little while now. The idea of it terrifies me a little, but maybe that’s why I have to do it. Luckily for me, I have lots of friends involved in improv and lots of people willing to share their experience. I turned to my friend Amanda (who is an improv goddess) for a little advice. Not only did she share a wealth of knowledge, but also got me into her show at The Second City the next day! Dan and I went and it’s safe to say we laughed til it hurt. We had such a good time. Amanda and her team were hilarious. And as a bonus, Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead was there to perform with one of the teams! It was pretty awesome. I’m nervous, but excited to jump into this new adventure. Wish me luck!

4.  We’ve been really great at getting in date night lately, and I am loving it. This week we just did dinner and a movie. Or the detailed version: Pizzarev and Kingsman: The Secret Service. And it was great. I love that even though I see Dan all the time, date night is still exciting. Good thing I married someone I love to hang out with.


5.  My friend Trevor has a love affair with Downtown L.A. It is not my favorite place. It’s obnoxious to get to, so much traffic, far away, blah blah blah. Well, it was his birthday this week, and at his request I made my way to DTLA. Only for him. Well, it was a pretty wonderful night. We celebrated Trevor’s 30th on the rooftop at The Perch. This place is stunning, and you have a spectacular view of the city. It was seriously breathtaking. I highly recommend it if you live in L.A. I love this city, and I love spending time with my friends in cool places. Thanks a great night in DTLA, Trevor! Cheers to trying new things.

10419444_10152792331579952_5405184720135855918_n 11043077_10152793006254952_6391617961052564461_n

Now, that is what I call a solid week! I think it only gets better from here. 🙂

Happy Friday!


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