Favorite Five Friday (103rd Edition)

13 Mar

Oh, hey Friday! Nice to see you. And you, if you are here reading my blog! Here’s how my week played out…


1.  Lots of auditions this week! It’s been so great to get in the room, and have some fun. Dan and I got invited to a call back together, too. It’s always neat to get to work together. We make a pretty great team. 🙂


2.  We went down to USC to see our talented friend, Kyla, perform in As You Like It. She’s a second year Grad student in their theatre program, and it shows! She played so many characters and totally owned that stage. I can’t lie, it made me miss theatre quite a bit. Maybe one of these days I will get back up there.

3.  More friends in town! Our Lukey came to visit all the way from Nashville. We got to take him to Universal for the day, and it was a blast! I miss this kid, and I’m happy he came to visit.


4.  More friends in town continued! One of my directors from The Continentals was vacationing in Cali, and we got to meet up for a bit. We played tourists in Hollywood while we caught up. Omar, next time we meet up, let’s go back to South Africa. 😉


5.  Guys, my new agent rocks. Before the ink even dried on my contract I was out auditioning, AND booked a role! Yesterday I was up very early to drive downtown for a print shoot. I got to watch the sunrise over City Hall and Grand Park. Believe me, it was a sight worth waking up for. I had a fantastic time at the shoot, and I am looking forward to what is to come!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Happy Friday!


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