Speaks To Me Sunday

15 Mar

If you follow me on any social media, you could probably guess that I am a fan of quotes. Words that inspire me, challenge me, make me laugh. I have always loved words – spoken, written, typed, whatever. Language is such a powerful thing, and I think it all comes down to communication. Something I believe we all crave. Sometimes words just speak to your heart… something said by a loved one that you lock away to think of whenever you need it most, a hilarious phrase that can put a smile on your face when the day isn’t going your way, comforting words that make you feel like someone understands you, an empowering mantra that convinces you to take on the world. That is a lot of power from something so seemingly simple. (Ah, alliteration. WORDS!) It is safe to say that I have had a lifelong love affair with words, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. So, I decided to share words that are currently inspiring me by doing something new!

Speaks To Me Sunday!

This is where I will share what words, quotes, phrases are speaking to me. To my heart, my soul, my mind, my funny bone. 😉 I want to share the power of words, and maybe you will be inspired too! (*Disclaimer: The quotes will (most likely) not be mine. I am not claiming to be the one who said these wonderful things. I will credit who did whenever possible! Same goes for any art work that comes attached.*)

And that brings me to my words for this week…


I have been learning this a lot the last several months. I made the decision to give up fear in 2015 (#NoFear15) and it has been quite the challenge, but oh-so-worth-it. Diving into scary situations, overcoming challenges, leaving doubts at the door… it has all be SO freeing. Well, yesterday I made the choice to do something that actually terrifies me. I signed up for Improv Class at The Upright Citizens Brigade. (I am trying not to hyperventilate.) I’ve always liked the thought of improv, and been able to act on those impulses when forced to for auditions or when live theatre takes a turn because someone missed a cue. However, when I was first introduced to the idea of improv, it was the thing that funny people did. You had to be funny to do improv, and I had been told that I was not. I let that control me, hover over me for a long time. Being told that I was the girl for the dramatic scenes was great… being told that I couldn’t do comedy was crippling. I branched out in college and was able to tackle comedy, but there is always this voice in the back of my head saying that I am not funny.

Well, I turned to my friend Amanda (Improv Goddess) who told me that it’s a good thing that I don’t think I’m funny. WHAT?! She thinks I will have a better chance at succeeding in improv if I am not worrying about finding the funny thing to say, but rather the honest thing. Well, that certainly flipped all my ideas around. I don’t have to be funny. But maybe I will be. 🙂

So, I decided to face my fears head on and jump into class. I am definitely nervous, but I am trying to let go of control. I feel like this might just set me free.

I would love for you all to join in! Comment here. Or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram (@JoannaHackman) – share your quotes, thoughts, words. Use #SpeaksToMeSunday and get in the conversation.


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