Favorite Five Friday (105th Edition)

27 Mar

Heya! It’s that time again… FRIDAY! I hope your week was wonderful. Mine was pretty darn great…


1.  The brand new guides will be joining our ranks this weekend, and I am a super proud trainer. They all worked so hard, and now they get to join the ranks of some of the coolest kids in town. (In my humble opinion.) I am anxious to hear how their first tours go, watch how they support each other, and join in their relief once they get a few tours under their belts. Congratulations, guides! You did it. Welcome to the Tramily.


2.  I am finally getting my passport renewed! I never did it after I changed my last name… five years ago. I’m just a little behind. But it had to be done. Dan and I are making plans to do a little traveling. We haven’t had a real vacation that was just the two of us since our honeymoon… five years ago. I have been dreaming of going to Europe for years. I’ve practically been begging for it, really. Well, I think it’s finally going to happen. Plans are in the works and we are getting things done. I will keep you posted on our trip status. Right now all I can say is I am ridiculously excited!

3.  My sweet husband is the best. I often work earlier shifts than he does, but he always get out of bed when my alarm goes off. This guy makes me breakfast pretty much every morning. He does the dishes because he knows I hate it. Today he took me to work so he could take my car to get the oil changed. It’s all these little things that add up to so much more. It could be so easy to take those every day things for granted, but I am just so thankful to have such an amazing partner. Babe, thank you for being you. It rocks.

4.  DISNEY! We went. We met up with friends. We rode some rides. It was a delightful day. I love you, Disneyland.

10373719_10152836589444952_9189664384877034410_n 11081445_10152837205419952_3806890691389263920_n

5.  This week I put #NoFear15 to the test as I set off for my first improv class at The Upright Citizens Brigade. I can’t lie… I was nervous, but I knew I had to dive in head first. We started off the class with some basic improv games, and I was put at ease when I realized that I had done this before. It wasn’t all completely foreign or new. From there I just had to go for it. I got to talk about Harry Potter, make up some funny stories about scrap-booking, and put “Yes. And…” to use. My classmates all seem like a lot of fun, and I am excited to play with them each week. I love that in week one we all got to laugh and support each other. To sum it all up, I think Improv 101 is off to a great start, and it’s only gonna get more awesome from here. I can’t wait to be brave and try new things!


Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!


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