Favorite Five Friday (106th Edition)

3 Apr

Good morning and happy Friday, one and all! I hope you are enjoying beautiful spring weather. I was so shocked when I realized it was already April. But before I get ahead of myself, here’s what happened this week…


1.  I saw a supernova this week! Well, my supernova… my best friend, Star! She came to Cali for the weekend, and I got to spend a few precious hours with her. We played a little at Universal, had dinner, and generally just caught up on life. There is nothing like just being able to pick up where you left off with an old friend. I also love being old enough to have “old friends.” It’s kind of the best. 🙂 Love you Supernova Girl!



2.  We welcomed the brand new guides like we always do… with a party! We got to mingle, talk strategy for their first day, and celebrate their success. Being part of such an enthusiastic and encouraging group of people is seriously awesome. I couldn’t ask for better co-workers.


3.  I’ve had the privilege of standing with a few friends as a bridesmaid in their weddings. It’s a pretty special thing. Well, this week I have been given that honor again, but this time it will be at my brother’s wedding! (AHHHHH!!!!) My almost sister-in-law sent me an adorable package asking me to stand by her on their big day. I couldn’t be more thrilled or proud to say yes. I am so looking forward to seeing those crazy kids get hitched!


4.  Long hair has been my thing for more than a decade, but I have been craving a change. For the last year, every time I got a trim, I let my stylist take a little more off. I’ve gradually been getting used to the idea of shorter hair. The one thing that has really been stopping my from going for it is having to get new headshots. (Actors, am I right?) But I think that may have to happen sometime soon. It just keeps getting shorter! 😉 I am loving it. I think this could work for me.


5.  I mentioned last week that we have been making plans to travel. Well, those plans got more solidified this week when we bought out plane tickets! (Again… AHHHHH!!!) In September we will be heading off to London and Paris for two weeks. I am so excited to see Europe for the first time and get to explore places I’ve only seen in pictures. Dan and I haven’t taken a real vacation since our honeymoon (five years ago!), and I think it’s high time we did. We are looking at it as an anniversary trip, and we can’t to celebrate!


That’s all she wrote! For this week, at least. 😉 Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Friday!


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