Speaks To Me Sunday #9

10 May


It’s a special Speaks To Me Sunday as it is also Mother’s Day! 

Throughout my life I have known many incredible mothers who have impacted me and won a space in my heart. I am so blessed to know them. 

There is one particularly courageous, wise, hard working, and selfless woman who needs to be recognized. My mom. ❤️ 

Mom, thank you for my roots. You raised me on a solid foundation of faith and love. No matter what was going on in my life, you created a safe haven for me to grow. As my favorite teacher, you instilled in me all the most important things about life. I learned to be kind to others, hard work and dedication are essential, friends and family make each day worth while, passion is a force to be reckoned with, and prayer is a way of life. You raised me to be the woman I am, and I will always be grateful.  

Mom, thank you for my wings. You trusted me to make my own choices, my own mistakes. You supported my desires, encouraged my goals, and believed in my God-sized dreams. You let me chase after what I wanted… Even when it was scary. You showed me how to fly. Thank you for letting me soar. 

I am so beyond thankful that you are my mom. I love the way our relationship has grown. I love that I can call you my best friend. I hope one day I will be a mom, and that I will love my kids as well as you do. I love you. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


I want to hear about your mom! Share your stories.  Tell your Mom you love her! 


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