Favorite Five Friday (115th Edition)

5 Jun

Hey, how are ya? What a fun week!! Read on for adorable photos…


1.  Most of my week has been spent getting to know Universal’s newest Tour Guides. They are an energetic bunch with a lot of talent. I seriously love being a trainer. Helping them craft their tours, encouraging their excitement about working at Universal, and watching them shine. It’s an absolute privilege. Wishing them luck as they test early next week!

2.  Our new apartment is really coming together. It’s been a fun project trying to fill the space and add some new touches. We also treated ourselves to some new towels and bathroom wares  – we hadn’t replaced any of those since we got married five years ago! I adore my new yellow bathroom. It’s the cheeriest. 🙂


3.  I think audition season has begun! I had two great auditions and I am ready for more. Thankful for my husband who helped me get everything I needed for a last-minute audition (I am really learning that you always have to be prepared.) and my awesome agent Stephany! Proud to be out there representing Team Avalon.

4.  It finally happened! We got a kitty… in fact, we got two! 😉 Dan and I are absolutely in love with our brand new kittens.



The gray tabby is wild, but snuggly sweet. He likes to crawl all over us, and thinks my hair is a toy. He has an assertive purr just like his namesake – Jack Donaghy (30 Rock).



The black cat is our  little shadow. You can often find him sitting behind us or under an arm or leg. He is a little shy, but melts when you scratch his head. Just like his namesake – Jim Halpert (The Office), he needs a little confidence to go after what he wants, and he mugs for the camera (us) whenever his new brother does something ridiculous.



Jack and Jim are pretty awesome. You can expect a lot more cat photos from here on out. You’re welcome.


5.  Today! It’s National Donut Day!! Donuts are my fav so, of course, I had to celebrate. Luckily Universal opened our new Springfield area including a Lard Lads Donuts. The giant chocolate donut is completely delicious. Treat yo’self and get a donut today!!


Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Happy Friday! 


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