Favorite Five Friday (117th Edition)

19 Jun

Hello! It’s been a fun week…


1.  The Giving Keys is a cool organization that employs people looking to transition out of homelessness. They make beautiful pieces of jewelry out of keys with a history. On each key they engrave a word, a message for the wearer. These keys keep on giving because once the word has served its purpose, the wearer passes the key on to someone else who needs it. I fell in love with this idea when I first found The Giving Keys. I’ve always had a thing about keys… some kind of nostalgia maybe. Plus, you all know I’m big on words. 😉 Put the two together, I’m sold! Dan got me one of my very own for our anniversary with a word I am trying to live out on the daily. It’s time to be brave!


2.  Big shout out to my cousin, Katy, for graduating high school this last week! To celebrate she came to L.A. with her mom (my Aunt Jill) and my mom. They came to Universal to hop on board the World Famous Universal Studio Tour, we ate some delicious food, and we played with our kitty, Jack. It was definitely a weekend of family fun!


3.  Over the last month we’ve been juggling work, a move across town, kittens, and all kinds of craziness. Feeling busy and exhausted led me to putting my health and fitness on the back burner… not really where I want them to be. Let me tell you, I can feel it. I’m ready to get my priorities straight and get back to sweating it out. I want to make healthy choices so I can be strong enough to take on whatever life throws at me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the “why.” Why am I doing this? Why does it matter if I skip my work out or eat dessert three times a day? I’m working on getting my ” why” back.



4. It’s always a good week when it includes Disney! And Disney is extra magical when you get to go with some awesome friends. We didn’t get to see all of the 60th Anniversary events, but we liked what we saw so far! Guess that just means we will have to go back. 😉

1908100_10153032332879952_914685493372277498_n 10996806_10155688682970035_7716674949402282084_n

5.  I pretty much always drink out of straws, and Jack is constantly trying to steal them. I caught him in the act… click the link for some kitty cuteness: https://www.facebook.com/joanna.hackman/videos/10153031917279952/?l=9163815815011173973.

Have a great weekend, and (dare I say it) an even better week!

Happy Friday!


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