Favorite Five Friday (118th Edition) 

26 Jun

Another Friday is here! Can you believe it? And with it another edition of…


1.  We celebrated Father’s Day this last week. Pretty sure I’ve got one of the best dads around. Check out my Speaks To Me Sunday post about my Dad.


2.  Happy Birthday, Meryl Streep! There is a reason that everyone knows her name and praises her work. She is an incredible artist, and I admire her so much. One of my biggest, scariest dreams is to work with her one day. But honestly, I’d also just love to have a conversation with her. She fascinates me. Go celebrate by watching your favorite Meryl movie!


3.  Girls Night is a necessary part of life.  I crave time just to spend with my girlfriends – decompressing, sharing, laughing. We always have a good time. So thankful to have such awesome girls to do life with.

4.  We have officially raced into summer here at Universal Studios Hollywood with the opening of Fast & Furious: Supercharged – the new grand finale of The Studio Tour. It’s gonna be a Supercharged summer here a The Strangest Place on Earth! C’mon out and join us!

5.  Jack got a sister this week! We brought home little Liz Lemon (or just Lemon) and she is already bringing so much sunshine to our lives. She is super sweet, but has no problem keeping up with Jack. They are still figuring each other out, and we are having a great time watching! Two kittens are pretty hilarious. We love being cat parents.




Happy Friday, beautiful people!


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