Speaks To Me Sunday #16

5 Jul

This came off of an awesome list that I read some time ago. I can’t seem to find the whole list, but if I do, I will post it. Each item was fantastic, but this was what I needed at the time. It’s what I needed today. 

I didn’t write my Favorite Five Friday post last week because I felt unremarkable. Nothing very exciting happened. I went to work, I cleaned my apartment, I went to the store, I took care of my cats, I watched some TV with my husband. I did all the things that add up to a pretty normal life. But it’s my life. So I’m trying to remember that it’s remarkable to me. 

Every day has meaning. Even the ones where nothing out of the ordinary occurs. Those days are the foundation. It’s okay that each day is not fireworks. That doesn’t mean my life is not amazing. That doesn’t mean that I am unremarkable. Some days are just the basics. That’s what makes the great days so wonderful. 

That said, some days I need to choose the remarkable. It can be so easy to stay home on the couch with Netflix and skip out on plans with friends or a new adventure. There’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes you need it. But nights spent with Netflix are a lot less memorable than hilarious moments with your pals or trying something new. There is always a choice. And we so need variety! 

Please remember how remarkable you are even on the days that don’t feel special at all. #SpeaksToMeSunday


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