Speaks To Me Sunday #17

12 Jul

I recently started seeing this quote everywhere. I had no clue where it came from so I looked it up. Apparently it’s from a book by Kathryn Forsyth. I feel like I should probably read something she has written because we either have something in common or she knows me. 

I read those words and they make my heart pound. That is exactly who I want to be. Kind, fierce, and brave. Those are words I want to live my life by. I pray daily that God gives me a heart that is compassionate and generous toward others. I am constantly curious and have a voracious need to learn all I can. My deepest desire is to be bold and leap fearlessly into every experience and opportunity that comes my way. Kind, fierce, and brave. That is my heartbeat. 

What is yours? What words speak to you, challenge you, describe you, define you?  Who do you want to be? 

I would love to hear your words!! Reach out by commenting, sharing, or finding me on Twitter or Instagram (@JoannaHackman). #SpeaksToMeSunday 


3 Responses to “Speaks To Me Sunday #17”

  1. Aubrey Taylor July 17, 2015 at 7:00 pm #

    This is just wonderful!


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