Favorite Five Friday (121st Edition) 

24 Jul

It’s the day of the show y’all! Okay, not the show… Just the Friday post! Have at it…


1.  We are cruising through summer! Which means we are closer to our trip to Europe. I can’t even explain how excited I am. We are finalizing plans, buying various tickets, looking at expected weather… It all becomes more real every day. So, if anyone has any recommendations of places to visit or things to do in Paris or London – speak now! We want to see as much as possible. Europe here we come!!

2.  Another thing that gets closer every day is the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. They are putting it up so quickly it must be magic. As I walked beside the site where it is being built this week, I found myself giggling out loud because it just looks so perfect. It’s everything I’ve been imagining since I was eleven years old and I began my adventures with Harry. I can’t wait to finally go to Hogwarts.

3.  Speaking of the awesome place I work, Universal puts together some pretty awesome workshops and classes for the tour guides. This week we began a six-week class with instructors from Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, and I was blown away. Jordan Shappell started us off with a bang. We dove right into scenes, and he coached us with such energy, intuition, and clarity. I learned so much, and I’m already pumped to go back next week.

4.  The number of times I’ve been to the beach this year is pretty sad considering how close it is. There is something so refreshing about being near the ocean. Lucky for me one of my dearest friends just moved to Redondo, and the beach is only a few feet from her door. This week I got to spend time with Cammie AND go to the beach. Totally win-win. It was exactly the refresher I needed. Love that girl and her beach. Thanks for sharing it with me, Cam!

5.  Obligatory cat pictures! Let’s be honest… They will always be on my favorite list. 😉

Have a great week, folks!


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