Favorite Five Friday (122nd Edition) 

31 Jul

Hey Friday, how you doin? Hope you’ve all had a great week. Here’s my highlight reel…


1.  First of all… It’s Harry Potter’s birthday. You might think I’m crazy for knowing that. You might be right. But I am unashamed. Harry Potter and his adventures played a huge role in my life as I was growing up. They are still special to me today. Happy Birthday to Harry and the woman who brought him to life, J.K. Rowling.


Had to represent with my HP jewelry.

2.  We found a great deal and jumped at the chance to book our flight to Salt Lake City for my big brother’s wedding! I am already looking forward to next May and celebrating the marriage of Jeremy and Sabrina. It’s going to be a week to remember!

3.  The kitties have started coming to the window to watch me whenever I leave. It’s adorable. And it makes it harder to go!

4.  We have been watching a lot of Face Off – an awesome SyFy show where make up/special effects artists compete in all kinds of challenges. It is just fascinating! I love to see how and what they create. I am so impressed by the talents and skills that I could never dream of possessing. Excited to be tuning in for the brand new season!

5.  One of the coolest things Universal does for the guides is setting up the Annual Tour Guide Showcase. Industry professionals come to watch them perform, and the guides are given the opportunity to network. Well, after a couple of weeks of rehearsing and a super fun audition, I am ECSTATIC to share that Dan and I have BOTH been cast in the 2015 Guide Showcase! We are both thrilled and cannot wait to get to work in the coming months. #OhThoseHackmans are ready to go!

Happy Friday, right? Enjoy!



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