Favorite Five Friday (123rd Edition) 

7 Aug

It’s late, but Friday isn’t over yet! Check it out…


1.  Date night! Dan and I got to go see a couple of co-workers/friends perform in Mary Poppins. I had never seen it on stage before, and it was such a fun show. I loved getting to see these gals I work with doing what they love. They were fabulous! We really enjoyed the show. It’s been so long since either of us has really seen live theatre. Or been in theatre! It made me kind of home-sick for the stage to tell you the truth. One day I’ll be back up there. 🙂

2.  It is such a small world. I feel like that cliché has become more true that ever since moving to L.A. I meet people who know people who I know all the time. It’s so fascinating. This week we got to have a delicious dinner at Wild Carvery (Go if you haven’t been! Or if you have. It’s awesome.) with a friend of ours from a college and a friend who is a former tour guide (and his gorgeous wife). The two of them went to high school together! See, small world. So fun to spend time with them and share our stories.

3.  I’ve been loving the acting class Universal has put together for the guides. The teachers from Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop are brilliant. It’s been so refreshing to get up and work. Honestly, it’s been a relief. I haven’t gotten to do much acting lately. This has been such a good release. I feel like I’m learning tons. So thankful for this opportunity and these shared moments with my awesome co-workers.

4.  Clean bill of health at the vet for these kitties. This week Lemon got her last round of kitten shots. (You can say a little prayer for her since next week she is getting spayed. This cat mom is a little nervous.) They are getting SO big! It’s insane. Weekly dose of photos (I can’t help myself):


5.  Tonight Dan and I took ourselves on a little back lot workout at Universal. I’ve been trying to get myself in gear because I’ve just been too exhausted for much physical activity lately. Tonight was so needed! We explored the lot and took a closer look at the sets we take people to every day. Man, it can be so easy to take it for granted when we are in the middle of summer craziness. But guys. I work at a movie studio! I can go see it anytime I want. I know it by heart. How special is that? I love you, Universal.


And I love you too, reader! Or maybe it’s just the endorphins talking. 😉

Have a great weekend!


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